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  1. G

    FREE - 80mm & Credit Card sized CD/DVD Jewel Cases

    I have a few new and unused 80mm & credit card sized CD/DVD jewel cases - free to a forum member, just need to pay the postage - £2.85 for a small parcel. There are eight 80mm cases, and seven CC-sized ones: Please PM or email me for further details, etc.
  2. Steve Gaskin

    comand cd/dvd

    My comand system won't eject cd's. The mechanism can be heard but no cd appears. Also I have music on a 2gb SD card and that will not play. The radio works perfectly as does the Satnav. Car is a 2009 cls cgi. Any help will be much appreciated or if anyone knows who repairs them in and around...
  3. GSD

    Pioneer AVH-P5100 Single DIN CD/DVD Player

    Selling as I recently converted my 210 to a double din setup. Great piece of kit for the price and in excellent condition. Pioneer AVH-P5100 Radio/CD/DVD Player Screen Monitor 4977729944419 | eBay?
  4. cliveyboy8

    Lost CD/DVD Drive from Laptop

    As the title says the CD/DVD drive on my laptop has "disappeared" when I open Windows Explorer. It only shows the hard drives. I am running Windows Vista and any help offered will have to be in simple language as I am a simple person. When I go to the Device Manager and select properties of...
  5. H

    W211 Command CD/DVD MP3 unable to play

    I thought i had this one solved late last year with a simple remove and replace the fuse and then a visit to Surrey to have heated seats installed where they kindly used a cleaning disk which got the unit working again. Back again with the same problem. Any CD/DVD inserted gives the on screen...
  6. T

    Where to buy CD/DVD replacement drive for an imac

    Got a 27" intel imac from 2009. The cd drive does not read well. Seen plenty of vids on youtube which show how to swap out - looks straightforward enough. However, where do you et the new drive from? How do you know its the right one. Same goes for other components such as HD etc. TIA
  7. mercmanuk

    external cd/dvd rom needed

    has anyone an external spare cd/dvd rom going cheap cheers all
  8. Subyland

    CD/DVD Drives not detected.

    For a while I have had a weird problem: The BIOS does not "see" the CD-RW and DVD drives. This happens probably 3 times out 4 boot sequences and I don't know why! It used to work very well but suddenly nil point! Can someone give me a pointer please?
  9. W

    Register your Navigation CD/DVD... Probably a cheap way to inflict yourself with more junk mail, but there is a prize-draw. Don't get too excited - it's only a pen, and the more people that register the less chance you'll have of getting it :) PS. For the APS it only goes up to v6.3...
  10. Mr E

    C Class CD/DVD

    A quick question on behalf of someone in the office: He's had his C220CDI estate for about 3 weeks and wants to know if, on the COMAND unit fitted: 1. Will it read MP3s on a CD? 2. Will it play MP3s on DVD? As with most blokes, can't be bothered to read the manual.... Ta to any...
  11. GrahamC230K

    Sat Nav CD/DVD Map Costs?

    It was only the other week, I noticed enough road changes to look and see if there was an update for my Panasonic Sat Nav. Currently I have a 2003 DVD (Navteq). There wasn't one, but then today, I was pleased to get a letter from them saying the 2004 DVD was out. One issue. It's...
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