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    Car CD/MP3 Player Wanted

    My latest acquisition had the CD player removed by the previous owner so I'm after a replacement, so if you've got a spare one in your garage then let me know. If there's nothing offered, I'll probably just buy a brnd new one; there's a few good Pioneer ones for £50 at Halfrauds. Edit;just...
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    Kenwood CD/MP3 player

    KDCW8531 main features: A 24 bit Burr-Brown audiophile quality D/A converter is featured on this radio CD / MP3 / WMA / AAC receiver. Customisable 128 x 23 (64 colour) full dot FL display with eight tone levels and blackout Voice-index guidance helps you locate tracks effortlessly...
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    W211 CD/Mp3 Changer

    Hi All, I have a W211 fitted with a CD Changer under the command system and I have started to notice that the changer skips everynow and then... Are these covered under the 3 year warranty... if not how do you remove the thing so I can clean the Laser.. Cheers Paul
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    Alpine CD/mp3 Package

    i won this head unit and changer from topgear website a few months ago and due to my student laziness, have only just got round to selling it. taken from Alpine Pack 1534RBMP3- CDA-9815RB - £494.99 CD/MP3 Player, Ai-net, 4 X 60W, 3 x 4.5V pre-outs, detachable...
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