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  1. jonnyboy

    Blaupunkt CD/Radio

    As per title, I bought this new, can't find a manual though. Blaupunkt Santa Cruz MP36, excellent condition, had it in my 129, it's nice and subtle. Will be tested in a test vehicle at the weekend. £30
  2. simonafloat

    Audio 10 CD/Radio Aux Input - How to

    Hi all, I have been tinkering with my Audio 10 CD/radio unit and managed to get an auxillary input wired into it :) I have followed the same procedure as a guy on youtube, but his video wasn't easy to follow so I still had to do a lot of experimenting. It shares the radio preamp output and...
  3. B

    CD/Radio Failure

    Hello I have a 2003 reg C200 petrol. I was away for 2 weeks and when i come back and started the car everything works fine apart from the CD/Radio Player. The red light on the radio keeps blinking even when I am driving but no display or the Radio switches on. Any suggestions would be highly...
  4. E

    Playing MP3's on Audio 20 CD/Radio?

    I have a C350 coupe on order and it has the standard Audio 20 CD/Radio. I understand that I can play mp3's on this, I just wonder if someone could tell me how this is done? My Audi used memory cards (SD Cards) which slotted into the stereo. Many thanks!
  5. trapperjohn

    Wanted. Mercedes CD/Radio for a 210.

    Exactly as it says in the title. Has any one got, please, a Mercedes CD/Radio with code in full working order lounging around doing nothing please. PM me with details and price. I thank you. CHEERS
  6. Nicensleazy

    Will This CD/Radio Fit My W208?

    I've seen advertised on fleabay a fully working 2004 model MF 2540 double DIN CD/ Radio MERC PART NUMBER A 209 8 20 2689 reasonably priced. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the single DIN unit fitted to my CLK apart from the fact that it refuses to play copied CD's and it can't handle...
  7. D

    Cd/Radio not working all of a sudden - Please help me out

    Hello, I have a 2000 model s320. I have a cd/radio/tape player in my car (No command control/screen). Today i was doing some cleanup, cleaned my front windscreen, side windows, plastic trim, steeringwheel, etc and then switched on the car and tried to switch on the radio but no display and no...
  8. chriswt

    ipod into a COMAND/standard Fit 2001 CLK CD/Radio

    I'm considering getting a 1999 or 2001 CLK with either Command fitted or a standard Merc CD player. Is there a cable out there that allows an ipod to be fitted to the existing system? Also are there any after market head units that allow the Merc Steering wheel controls to be used...
  9. S

    becker 2910 cd/radio

    hi all anybody out got a manual for a audio 10 becker 2910 cd/radio for c class 202 model. if so please let me know price ect heres hoping:) regards mick
  10. silverclk230

    Blaupunkt CD/radio help

    Please can anyone help, I need a manual for a Blaupunkt Sevilla RDM 168 CD tuner (which came fitted to my 99 clk, but had no paperwork). Does anyone have a spare one I can buy/borrow, or where I can get/download one from. Blue spot Car Audio can supply one (a reprint) for £10. Thanks
  11. G

    What value/market for 1 day old CLK CD/Radio?

    As per my other thread the dealer has fitted APS to my wifes new CLK, so we now have a nice brown box containing the origional factory fit head unit, which is radio + single CD. Anyone care to let me know what this is worth and where to best place to sell it would be (here, ebay????) It's...
  12. D

    FOR SALE: Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 Single CD/Radio

    MB Audio 10 Single CD Player/Radio, removed from Mercedes C-Class after upgrade to head unit. This unit is in mint condition and comes with MB security code AND manual. Unit would cost OVER £500 from MB dealer. Will fit Mercedes and other cars with standard DIN and ISO connections...

    Wanted Audio 10 CD/Radio

    Wanted for fitting to my A-Class in place of cassete/tuner unit. I've bidded on e-bay a few times as and when they come up but am always out-bid in the final few minutes <grrr> What's a realistic price for a second hand unit ? Anybody know the full price 'unfitted' from a Dealer ...
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