1. jimmymidnight

    NAV DISCS - W215 CD-Rom

    Hi there, im off to Europe in a couple of weeks and I only have nav discs for UK/ROI and France - does anyone have a disc for Belgium and Germany? My car is a 2003 with the CD-rom based nav, not the later DVD one. Thanks in advance, James
  2. monkeyboy126

    Comand CDRom Upgrade

    HI all, I have been driving my MB for over a week now but the Sat Nav doesn't initiate first time, it tells me to insert a Navi-CD. After a few attempts at reading the disk, it will suddenly work. I have heard that this is a common problem and that you can upgrade the CDRom, does anyone have...
  3. Jukie

    Compaq laptop CD-ROM

    Suitable for all Armadas. possibly other model ranges too. It's internal but has the cradle to go into the large ArmadaStations. It does not include the cradle to allow external connection via the parallel port. I believe it is 24-speed. Cost is P&P only, which is to be determined. I have no...
  4. myk

    CD-ROM for A Class SatNav

    My wife has a 3 year old A class and needs a new CD for the APS 30 SatNav Dealer quotes £400 ! Becker Germany say must be bought from dealer Anybody know better ?? Thanks email [email protected]
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