1. Farmer boy

    Adding CDs to music registry

    Erring very frustrated with my attempts to save a couple of new CDS to the car. I have a 2016 C Class with Comand. I remember popping brand new CDs into the player on my way back from the shops and adding them to the registry on the way home. Tried today and the add to registry option is...
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    What do you do with old CDs and DVDs?

    I'm having a clear out which has reminded me of the considerable collection of CDs and DVDs which we never listen to. What do you do with yours?
  3. SL350_SWINDON

    819 cd changer mp3 capable for 6 cds

    As anyone ever played an mp3 disc on the above???
  4. R

    W211 satnav

    Hi all Im new to this forum site..i have just bought myself a 2008 w211 e320 CDI Chassis number: WDB2110222B349264 When i press the satnav on my command unit i get a message saying satnav unavailable or something like that I was given a europe cd for the satnav i went to the back...
  5. Pitts Pilot

    Skip (a CD) to the loo my darling

    I have a Comand (NTG1 -with the nav CD ROM in the boot). My problem is that with either CD-R or DVD+R MP3 music disks the disk skips for 2 seconds at the beginning of each track, particularly once it’s passed the half way point on the disk. Given the latter point, do you think there’s a...
  6. fast_eddie

    NTG 2.5 won't eject or load CDs

    Hi all, A quick question to those who know these things: I loaded a commercial CD into the NTG 2.5 (6-DVD changer in the head unit) today, first time in a while. It did not recognize the CD, but shows slot 1 occupied. Try and eject it, it does not come out but then shows slot 1 as empty. Does...
  7. Rob77

    Becker V10.0 CDs

    I stupidly bought what I thought was a bargain Becker Traffic Pro from a guy in Austria. Turns out it comes with Austrian maps :doh: Does anyone have the UK CDs, or even the European set, ideally at V10.0 but any revision considered. Frankly, I doubt I'll use the device for much other than...
  8. D

    workshop cds sl320 1999???

    hi, my car- SL320 1999 WDB 129064 2F 177672 7 ENGINE 112943 30 333401 GEARBOX- 722607 0 1207121 i did buy cheap workshop cds for my car but they don't run on vista on my dell laptop and are way too complicated for me to put onto non vista and i don't have the patience. I don't want to...
  9. A

    E320. W211 - Dvd player in Command Unit not ejecting cds

    After a huge blunder of putting a cd in the head unit after there was already a dvd in it (i cant believe the head unit took it!!!!) then I couldnt get either cd to eject. I pulled the whole head unit out and got the cd & dvd out... But now it wont take or eject dvds. I have pulled the actual...
  10. N

    WANTED: Mercedes APS 30 Sat Nav CDs

    Hi, I've just purchased an APS 30 (BE4705) unit but it didn't come with any map CDs. I'm particularly after version 9.0, 10 or 10.1 I'd prefer the whole set, but if someone has just the UK disc to sell then I'd be quite happy to buy it by itself. The disc must be an original (no copies) and be...
  11. O

    iPod and CD playback

    Hi folks I have recently bought a second hand W203 320 Estate MY55 with an MP3 interface socket in the glove compartment. I have got Comand and Harmon Kardon sound. That all seems to work fine and the iPod interfaces with the dash display etc. The problem is that I can't play CDs. There is no...
  12. grober

    W124 manual cds online NEW FIND?,com_wrapper/Itemid,62/ and,com_wrapper/Itemid,65/
  13. MattCox


    Just a quick one, Are COMMAND nav CDs universal or do i have to get one specific to my system? Also, if anyone has updated and wants to sell the old CD, let me know! Needs to have Ireland map. :) Cheers, Matt
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Ripping CDs in iTunes - huuuge track lengths put a spanner in the works

    I've noticed this a few times now, most recently Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid. When ripping a CD in iTunes, one or more track apears to be absolutely huuuge, many hours in length. In this latest case, Track 1 is 59:58 and Track 2 is 15:04:22!! :crazy: Those tracks appear not to play...
  15. A

    W201 and W124 workshop CDs - free

    Hi all - as I no longer have a W201 or 124, these are now available for the price of postage. W201 is a single CD with maintenace manuals for several engines - this is an American version, so not all the European models are included. It does cover the most common variations though. This appears...
  16. sobeus

    FS: APS 50 Navi CD:S all Europe.

    Hello! I have for sale the original mercedes 2007/2008 version 9.0 Navi Cd package. It includes 5 CD:s for all europe. Comes with original package. These are the countrys it has: CD1: DK, FIN, GB, IRL, N, S CD2: A, CH, CZ, D, FL CD3: B, F, L, MC, NL CD4: GR, H, I, PL, RSM, SK, SLO, V CD5...
  17. M

    Will it play MP3 CDs?

    Hi guys, ive got a standard 1 disc slot in my dash of the E Class (2004 Avantgarde) with no CD changer. Is there anyway I could maybe unlock this unit to play MP3 CDs? Thanks in advance ManJ
  18. W

    Importing CDs - Apple Lossless

    Hi everyone, Having recently re-formatted my computer and also having bought a new iPod (80GB Classic) I'm looking to import a number of CDs into my (iTunes) music library. Question: Is it worth using the Apple Lossless Encoder? I appreciate that it's supposed to offer the best sound...
  19. crockers

    Playing MP3 cds

    Hi My car manual says it should play mp3 cds in the cd player - but when ever i save any and play them....................nothing...any ideas? That is besides playing proper Also is it possible to wire up other types of mp3 players besides ipods? I have a sony ....I use the...
  20. stats007

    New Mercedes APS 30 Nav CDs V7.00

    I have a brand new unopened set of navigation CDs for the Mercedes / Becker APS 30 unit. Part number A 203 827 32 59 / B6 782 3335. Not sure what they retail for - I'm sure Shude can tell you ;) Open to offers :)
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