1. M

    Mercedes celebrates Back to the Future Day – Video

    From the article: Back to the Future day is fast approaching, so Mercedes-Benz has decided to celebrate it by releasing a series of short clips to honor the highly appreciated trilogy. Photos and video - Mercedes celebrates Back to the Future Day .
  2. def90cars

    Vauxhall Celebrates

    Great video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-4JqsXozaI This is not set-up, its actually how all new cars are driven in every factory ;)
  3. trando

    RAC Club celebrates 125 years of Mercedes Benz

    Just a quick note. The RAC Club are celebrating 125 years of MB at their country club in Woodcote Park Epsom on the 27th May with a black tie dinner. There will be an SLS there as well as other MB models. If there are any RAC Club members here who are planning on going (tickets sell very fast...
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