1. T

    200 cell primary cats

    Got the itch to mod the car, so far i have got the basics, secondary decat and res delete and eurocharged v5 map. I was reading that the primary cats are 750cell!! and am looking to swap them out for 200cell. I saw palmball's mod of gutting out the 750cell and welding in the 200cell in...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Soft Cell as you've never heard it before.

    Someone had rather a lot of time on their hands. Adding another layer to the question, Why? Star Wars too (this gives clue as to the sort of geek doing this!) qWkUFxItWmU
  3. G

    Key fob. Which type cell batteries for 04 Sprinter 316?

    Hi Can anyone tell me please what type of 'button' batteries are used in the remote key fob for my 2004 Mercedes Sprinter 316 Camper van, I have the key but there are no old batteries in it. In the hand book it shows 2 batteries that are Panasonic and it looks like they are CR20** but I can't...
  4. smillion

    Maglite 4 D cell - LED or traditional

    As title suggests - which is best - the new LED or tradtional bulbs? Thanks Marc
  5. S

    What cell rating are my AMG cats?

    Wondering if it's worth uprating them to 100 cell race cats - will be worth it if they are 200 cell or more, but nobody seems to know! Surely somebody here will? :)
  6. Apial

    Tried the fuel magnets? Now try the Joe cell!

    I don't suppose that anyone on here has tried to build a Joe Cell yet? Is this a spoof? I was told about this by an IT colleague today, and frankly I am scepitical about it, but who knows? There are lots of videos and links about Joe Cells here: http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/BNE.html Some...
  7. Satch

    Hurled in a police cell for kicking a football.

    And the problem is?? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_headline=hurled-in-a-police-cell-for-kicking-a-football-&method=full&objectid=18404348&siteid=94762-name_page.html
  8. KillerHERTZ

    DC Fuel Cell A-Class pictures

    My Father has recently returned from the world fuel cell summit in Japan, while he was there he took a couple of pics of the A-Class fuel Cell: One day all of us will drive one of these cars children :)
  9. S

    New Fuel Cell concept vehicle from MB

  10. grober

    Cell phone blues

    Anybody had problems using an old BT Cellnet SIM card in a modern phone nokia 3100. The phone recognises the network. o2 OK :) I can phone to the 3100 with the old sim card and it connects OK. :) But when I try to phone out I get the message "call not allowed". :( I have gone thro all the...
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