1. W

    S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

    Hi guys, I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest. My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside...
  2. C

    AMG Center Caps

    Hi, I made the mistake of buying center caps of eBay for the wheels on my e63. (75mm) They look sh1t. Anyone recommend a reputable dealer or shop where I can source small genuine AMG parts such as these etc..
  3. mark44

    What actally is an AMG Performance Center?

    Hi, Could someone please clarify for me whether this is purely a sales related dealer credential, or if there are any other after sales benefits to owners? Thanks
  4. Palmer

    W210 monoblock center caps

    Looking for some new ones for the wheels on my W124. Want the plain silver ones, i think they look best. Got some 75mm from a uk seller on ebay. Cant get them to fit. Is 75 the correct size? Google seems to think so?
  5. brucemillar

    w124 How to run a wire behind the center dashboard?

    People I wish to fit a Becker Sat Nav Antenna to my old W124. The best location would be the center of the dashboard, directly behind the windscreen? I'm happy to be corrected here? Can somebody advise the best (simplest) way to get the wire from the top of the dash to the back of the head...
  6. O

    C63 X-Pipe center section

    Never got around to fitting it. Open to offers
  7. B

    19" AMG Alloy Center Caps

    Hey all, am i right in saying that the Alloy center caps are 75mm? Winter wheels are off and going for a tidy up and colour change to black. Looking to get some caps to match, obviously:D
  8. P

    w169 armrest center console removal

    Hi, I want to remove the armrest from an A180 at the breakers yard, I got as far as removing the panel at the back which houses a 12v socket and unscrewing the two torx screws as well as the two front ones. However, whilst the armrest console is quite loose it's still a bugger to get off...
  9. B

    Center panel electrics

    Hi everyone, always feel slightly cheeky asking a technical questions as my first post, but--- recently got myself a 2000 CLK 230 cab, love it! but :( there is some various intermittent faults regarding the complete center panel (windows, boot release, esp etc) wherein sometimes, more...
  10. Palmer

    W124 Center console fettling

    I really dont like the standard wood in mine. It looks tired by the gear gaitor and is a light colour. Im thinking of ideas as to what i can do with it. I dont like wrapping, and the interior is all black. Did they do a really dark wood version? Possibly spray it black but the finish would be...
  11. Scooby_Doo

    Black Gloss or White grille center ??

    There was something not quite right with my new coupe and I couldn't quite figure out what it was . I think it's the Gloss Black grille centre . As it's in the bodyshop at the moment I'm considering asking them to paint it white Your comments would be appreciated.
  12. D

    Center armrest sliding door

    Hi, does anybody know the part number or what to search to get hold of a replacement of the below part? Mine is dirty and I can't seem to clean it up. Almost as if it's lost it's finish.
  13. S

    center air vent unit 52 reg c200k

    I am after center air vent, full unit for 52 reg c200k, grey color.
  14. PurpleDog

    SL70 AMG - Service Center

    Hi All, I just bought a 1996 SL70 AMG :D Would appreciate recommendations on: - a great service center near Buckinghamshire or London? - if not, then within a 2 hour radius or so? Thanks!!
  15. Dee James

    chrome three point star silver wheel center needed

    i`m after one chrome three point star wheel center cap, the silver background one. I thought i would ask on here before i end up getting a whole set from Ebay . . .
  16. K

    W124 AMG AERO 1 center cap

    Hi, I just finish refurbishment of my set of Aero 1 and looking of center caps original or any new manufactured which will fit AMG Aero1 part No:7400098. Could be not full set of 4 and and any condition. Thanks for your help
  17. Dee James

    how to remove wheel center caps?

    the three pointed star emblem on one of my ML`s wheel centers has come off so i`m trying to get it off without damaging it or the wheel to find a part number so i can replace it - is there a trick to this or do they just leaver out? it feels like something will get broken if i do thanks in advance
  18. jaymanek

    Wheel Alignment - Center Gravity Atherstone - Super Impressed

    I have just completed a brake upgrade to my W124 500E. Just in case anyone is interested, I went for the R129 Silver Arrows setup which has 334mm drilled and vented discs at the front and 300mm drilled and vented at the rear. Brembo calipers, OEM Mercedes Silver Arrows but refurbished as...
  19. S

    Center caps and wheel bolts.

    I have just had my wheels refurbished by lepsons and some body work done to my car by Multie-tec both have done a cracking job :thumb: Now the problem Is i have center caps that look old and tatty along with the wheel bolts being rusty. I want to replace both of them, I've looked at the...
  20. S

    W202 rear seat center arm rest

    Is it possible to fit a w204 arm rest with drinks holder to my 1996 c class? If not,does anyone have a black leather w202 facelift arm rest with drink holders for sale? Thank you.
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