1. iveco

    Central locking N/S

    Hi guys hope all are well. My 2006 SLK 200 R171 has a problem which I am sure you can advise on . The nearside central locking does not work and the electric mirror adjust will not work . ... window and mirror retract/fold both work . I have done a search and it has been suggested it...
  2. W

    Central locking and radio reception W209 06

    My CLK 320 coupe 2006 has developed a central locking and radio reception problem. From what I can gather it is most likely the antenna amplifier, what I cant work out is it's location, is it attached to the rear screen, the C pillar passenger side or under the dashboard at the front or all of...
  3. tron

    A minor central locking problem (S202)

    The battery went unaccountably flat. It was disconnected, recharged and appears fine. The central locking opens with the remote and flashes its lights correctly. It locks the car fully but does not flash the indicators. The switch on the centre console does not lock the car. This is apparently...
  4. Z

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  5. MikeInWimbledon

    Big Formula One event in Central London Weds 12th July

    Big hootenany going on in the West End on Wednesday evening. Worth a look: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/headlines/2017/7/formula-1-announces-f1-live-in-the-heart-of-london.html
  6. D

    Do I just prise the central off?

    So do I just prise the centre cap off with a screwdriver or is there a non-breaky way of doing it?
  7. B

    R129 Central locking and heater problem

    New member. First post. 300Sl 24 (1991) project car. Central locking pump broken beyond repair. Also heater control not working (pumps out hot air from side vents/aux fan not working/duo valve solenoids click ok when 12V applied). I have been trying to find out if the flaps in the engine...
  8. whirsk

    C124 300ce Central locking question.

    Hi Folks I am currently having an issue with central locking on coupe. The passenger door will open and activate central locking (drivers,fuel,boot). Unfortunately the drivers door will not activate central locking. Is this a completely mechanical/vacuum or is there an electronc controller...
  9. A

    IR and RF central locking/unlocking

    I have an MB SLK 280 R171, black and first licensed in October 2006. In mint condition with only 60,000 km (a real black panther which I get serviced regularly by MB works garage in Stuttgart whenever I am there on business – they are 600 km away !) Everything was working perfectly until I left...
  10. B

    Central Locking crazy problem W202 C180 1998

    Hello This is crazy but maybe someone can help? Remote: When I lock, indicators flash 3 times normal but no locking occurs. When I unlock, The boot pops open!! When I press boot open, boot also pops open. When I open driver door, boot pops open. When I press door unlock on dash...
  11. A

    Problem! CLK w209 central console died

    Hello. Ask for some help or advice. So the problem is as follows. I have CLK 270CDI 2003. I decided to make a change on the center console with the facelift one. I have a panel with buttons for ESP, hazards, locking, etc.The part number i 203 821 49 81, and i believe this is identical for all...
  12. M

    Central Locking

    Hi, Just come back from holiday to find my car with a flat battery. Had the recovery jump start the car but now find I have an issue with central locking. Fob will: Lock doors - Fob red LED visible Unlock boot - Fob red LED visible Won't unlock doors - No fob LED visible I can unlock doors...
  13. J

    Drivers of cars over a decade old £10 toxicity charge to drive through central London

  14. M

    Central Locking

    Hello. I've a 2002 Vito & the central locking doesent work. It's a manual system, no fob. I turn the lock & it locks then unlocks & after locking it again it works. Theres one red light flashing all the time on the dashboard lock button even though the doors are shut. One side door won't lock...
  15. V

    R129 roof and central locking woes

    My poor old R129 has been a bit left out recently, what with my recent purchase of a CLS500 and then further purchase of a Porsche 997. Having served me well over the summer (where it was lavished with a full engine and gearbox service, along with new front latch hydraulic seals), it hasn't been...
  16. G

    Central locking clk 209

    Hi all, my car has a flat battery i can open the drivers door using the key blade but i cannot open the bonnet. The ignition is dead. Is there a way to energise the central locking or open the bonnet with a flat battery?
  17. M

    W124 Central Locking

    Hello, I have not posted for a while as I have not had a Mercedes for a while. I have recently got my self a nice W124 300te 24. The central locking does not work, the vacuum pump does not activate on turning the key in any lock. I presume something is wrong with the circuit board attached...
  18. J

    Central Locking B Class 2008

    HI having got rid of my v low mileage but very troublesome W202 C200 I have now bought a Mercedes B170 and now the passenger door doesn't lock or open along with the other doors if i unlock or lock the car. Grateful for any advice on how to fix this? Also, the silver trim just below the...
  19. CreosoteChris

    Bishkek is W124 Central

    (This is one of an occasional series of posts, last one was here, where I visit the capitals of ex-soviet republics, and assess the prevalence of out-of-date Mercs) (Yes I realise this is a rather exotic and leftfield hobby, but I’m enjoying it) I spent Monday seeing the sights of Bishkek...
  20. 2

    2003 W209 Central AC Vent Cover

    Hi. Does anyone know how to properly clean the central AC vent cover in a 2003 CLK (W209)? It seems to be made of a rubbery material that grabs the fibers of anything you try to clean it with. The more I try to clean it the dirtier it becomes. Thanks.
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