1. Marku

    Alloy centres

    Are they all universal? Particular thing of replacing my large star ones with the new ones that are like the bonnet badge.
  2. jon.english68

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off [emoji849] not sure abo

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off not too sure about them, think I should have gone for the originals :doh: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. P

    AMG Peformance centres

    Can anybody shed some light on the difference between some MB dealers being AMG centres and some are not? Can I take my c63 to non AMG centres or do AMG cars go to AMG centres etc sorry just bit confused at this set up
  4. Jonthe

    Wheel centres

    Hi Wheel centres have started to go milky looking , I have a 2003 w203 1:8 with 17" wheels , are all wheel centres standard fit/size ? Or is it a case or taking a wheel off to look at part number ? I know they have finished , but mine are similar to these but are blue ? eBay - 281413609747...
  5. Omega

    Service Centres please ?

    Hi Guys, Another service is due – at 34500 miles.I’m averaging 5000 per year. The cluster reads service D – but I can only see A and B. a) what is ‘D’ ? b) I’m in West Cornwall, and looking for alternative service centre / quotes. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I don’t mind...
  6. M

    Can faulty CDI injectors be diagnosed on STAR/ bosch service centres?

    Hi, Bought a 06 320cdi clk few months back having read what super smooth engines they were. Well it's certainly very smooth indeed but I'm dissapointed with the Diesel hammering type noise that is evident during acceleration up to about 2K revs max. Both non merc diesels I've owned before...
  7. Simon Sh

    AMG Service Centres - Are they different???

    Looking to service my C63 - are the AMG service centres any different from the normal dealerships in terms of carrying out a service on my car, or are they just charging more for the AMG logo on the wall in the showroom?? Or is a mechanic used to servicing the 2003 A class going to bugger...
  8. C

    Wheel Centres

    2008 W204 C Class C200 SE CDi My wheel centres are a bit grubby. I see you can get them (or copies) on ebay for less than a tenner for a set. Has anyone bought them? And if so, are they any good? I'm not talking about the stickers however, it's the push in plastic/chrome centres. And finally...
  9. H

    Comand Retrofit / fitting centres in Yorkshire ......

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in Yorkshire or nearby that fit / repair comand systems in Yorkshire or nearby. Dont really wont to travel to Surrey to Comand.co.uk. Spoke to them but really need a bit more help than a phone conversation to solve the issue. Issue being the Comand screen loads...
  10. bpsorrel

    Wheel centres

    A friend of mine is looking for alloy wheel centres, 67-68 mm, silver, preferably blank, or with MB star. Apart from Ebay, does anyone have any ideas I can pass on? :)
  11. S

    Recomended tyre centres.

    Hi all, I posted This similar question on a different thread but thought it would be a good idear to give it, it's own thread. And a useful point for reference. So can any one recomend a good tyre center? I live in southwest London so if any one know of a good Center please let's me know...
  12. Frankie

    Monoblock II wheel centres.

    Currently I have the Mercedes star centres, I fancy changing them for either these or these I like the second set but would either set be considered wrong for my car?
  13. S

    2 year old wheel corroding from the centres

    Hi Guys I have a C220 Sport with the 18" upgrade wheels fitted. 3 out of the 4 wheels is corroding from the centre. I have only ever cleaned them with normal car shampoo, Meguiars Hot Rims or Auto Glym Wheel Cleaner. Do you think MB will do something about this for me under warranty...
  14. Koolvin

    Cheap MOT's on MSE (Council run MOT centres)

    I know we have discussed it before here it is for those who have missed it: excerpt: Cheap MOTs: Beat repair costs using council test centres...
  15. M

    5x AMG Pentas - satin black centres

    I have 5x AMG/Penta style wheels for sale. Three are stamped AMG and two are stamped Penta. They're all exactly the same size and style, though - five-spoke, 16-inch, 6J and ET11 offset. They've had a refurb but not to a very high standard. Don't get me wrong, they're perfectly passable with...
  16. Brian WH

    New Black Wheel Centres on my CLS

    So what do you think of my latest Mod?? Black Wheel centres for a Black CLS.:rock:
  17. BTB 500

    Hammerite OK for brake disk centres?

    To avoid the usual (cosmetic) rusty hub problem I'd like to paint the centre of my new brake disks. Can I get away with normal silver Hammerite for this? Not sure how hot the centre of the disk gets ... the wheel it's bolted to must act as a pretty good heat sink. I went into Halfords last...
  18. BaldGuy

    Crested Wheele centres & Locking Bolts

    Well I have a set of crested centres... 3 x black and 1 x blue... I know i didnt check that they were all the same colour when I got my wheels... a new black centre is £10 from Benz... A complete set of Benz locking bolts Offers.... oops cant edit title for typo.... sorry!!
  19. PJH

    Call Centres :D

    Wifey heard this on the radio yesterday... A person received a call from a call centre... Receiver "...are you calling me from India?" Caller " No I'm in London" Receiver "Oh really, what part of London?" Caller " Birmingham"
  20. G

    Wanted - alloy wheel centres

    Hi Does anyone have a set of alloy wheel centres to sell ? The ones I'm after are the ones with "Mercedes Benz" in silver script on a blue background around the edge of the disc, and the star in the middle. I'd guess these things are all the same size, but if not they are for a set of...
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