1. CLSMark

    Did the CEO of MB sleep with this guys wife or something? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. bob6600

    Ron Dennis removed as McLaren CEO

    The McLaren Technology Group have released a statement confirming Ron Dennis' exit as their chief executive. It read:
  3. lisa110rry

    Anyone else experiencing an upsurge in 'CEO Fraud'?

    Recently, I've been receiving CEO Fraud emails which, on first glance, appear to come from the MD of my company asking me to be ready to do a bank transfer urgently from the company account. Initially, the emails came with the 'name' field being my MD, but the email domain wasn't ours...
  4. grober

    BMW CEO faints on Stage

    Newly appointed BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger has had a rough start to his first Frankfurt Motor Show . Krüger fainted about five minutes into the BMW press conference. Had he just heard how much it was costing BMW to make the i8? we can only speculate at this point. ;)
  5. markjay

    Total CEO killed in Moscow plane crash
  6. WesLangdon

    Protection Racket appoints new CEO

    The worlds oldest and most sucessful protection racket has just appointed a new CEO BBC News - World
  7. I

    Sytner Group CEO

    I thought Frank Sytner was still the boss. It seems from my other thread: that he is not. Does anyone know who is and hopefully an email addy? Thanks.
  8. lynall

    Ceo od Serco speed camers caught speeding!

    :D Lynall
  9. S

    CEO of DaimlerChrysler - Who is it

    Is the CEO of DC, Dr Dieter Zetsche or has he been replaced?
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