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    2-EHN, 99% 2-Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate, Cetane Booster offer

    From the boys at the UK's leading Biodiesel site - http://www.biopowered.co.uk/forum/index.php 5 litres of pure 2-EHN for under £29 quid. Turn all your diesel into super diesel for a few pence per tank. Hydra Fuel Cetane Booster, Ultra Pure >99% You're welcome.
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    Limited time 2-EHN Cetane booster offer courtesy of the BioDiesel forum

    The Bio Diesel making boys over at biopowered.co.uk have negotiated a cracking deal on 2-EHN. It's a limited time offer, good for 2 weeks from 4.3.16. Registration is required to see the page. Login
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    Sulphur and cetane

    Hi, This seems an old matter, but being retro minded here, what are the implications (if any) if the current (post 2000) CDi engines are run on diesel fuel with higher levels of sulphur...i.e. maybe >500-1000 ppm like those available in other countries? I suppose the engines would run fine...
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