1. johnlewis1964

    Timing Chain.

    Hi folks new Mercedes owner . Recently bought a 2008 c180 with 66000 miles when will timing chain need to be replaced many thanks.
  2. sherco450

    Vito 120 OM642 cam chain replacement

    Hi . regarding cam chain replacement for vito 120 .. engine sounds a little louder (ticking noise ) than usual. Im a bit paranoid . currently has 100,000 miles on clock . Any owners replaced around the same miles.
  3. pcthrillrider

    timing chain tensioner

    my clk320 2005 80k miles when cold make a rumble on cold starts for a 2 secs or so, im guessing chain tensioner, my q is when putting new one back in does it need to be set or just bolted back in and torqued? i just did the dreaded crackcase breather covers seals on both sides,i took off the...
  4. N

    W204 / 651 timing chain issue; bump start damages

    I know that there are other threads on the subject of timing chains but I am after the helpful knowledge and advice on this specific issue. My 2010 manual C200 blue eff diesel has been maintained only at MB main dealer. Its last service was end of June this year and all was "good/visually...
  5. Adamccc

    CLS63/E63 Timing Chain Issues (M157)

    So I finally get to pick up my car on Thursday, after it going in for a sensor change on the 9th May... Yep, you heard that right, 2 months and 18 days at the dealer. Granted, about a month of this is due to the dealer being absolute dog****e and taking forever to get to even start work on the...
  6. IBN

    How Much will it Cost to get the timing chain done?

    Hi All I posted a question about possible faults with a 2004 C180 that I may be buying. Grober was kind enough to respond and he said that there was a potential Timing Chain issue on higher mileage cars. With this in mind, I have confirmed with the vendor that the car hasn't had the timing...
  7. S

    OM651 timing chain replacement

    Hi guys, need your advice: My engine was making a rattling noise when its was first started in the morning for a few seconds. The car has 70k miles and is only 4 years old. Took it to my local dealership who initially couldn't hear the noise, went the next morning to have a look with a...
  8. D

    Advice on replacing timing chain CLK320

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can advise concerning when and if I should replace Timing Chain on my 2005 CLK 3.2 coupe. It is approaching 120K miles and there are as yet no problems with the chain currently. I have read advice from a number of forums some saying leave well alone and others saying...
  9. M

    M271 timing chain crimper

    Hi, I am new here. We are driving a 2007 E200, so M271 engine. Because so much is written about the wear of the timing chain and sprockets I decided to take a look: I found a lot of teeth broken off of the sprockets. The chain was still very tight, so that might have saved the engine. I am...
  10. R

    Timing Chain Rattle

    Hi guys I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm getting a rattling noise from the engine (C180, 2Litre Petrol, 2001. 111 series engine). The noise is akin to marbles in a can. It only occurs at idle however. I've recorded a 30 second video and put it on youtube...
  11. S

    C180 1.8 CGi Cam Chain and Tensioner

    Please could someone help me with the Removal and fitting of cam chain and adjuster on the 2011 C180 CGi my wife has. It has done 46000 miles and has developed the dreaded rattle on startup and twice has not started on the first turn of the key. I have been in touch with a local Mercedes dealer...
  12. J

    W211 3.0 V6 CDI Timing Chain Renewal

    My garage says the timing chain is sometimes noisy on start up on my 2006 V6 3.0 CDI and so needs replacing. Should I change the sprockets at the same time? Thanks
  13. LcLc

    ML55 timing chain

    My local (non merc specialist) mechanic thinks my timing chain needs replacing. Has anyone had this done and can anyone recommend a garage for the job.
  14. Hunty2198

    Timing chain

    How do I find if my car has had a timing chin replaced or if it needs one? It's done 114k
  15. Hunty2198

    Timing Chain

    How can I find out if my car has had a timing chain change? Or if it needs one. It's done 114k
  16. E240estate

    CDI 611 Timing chain tensioner (and HG update)

    The good news is it is possible to remove the cylinder head from a W638 Vito with the engine in the vehicle. I couldn't find this info anywhere before I started so I hope it's of use. Thinking about putting this back together, can anyone confirm that the chain tensioner need to be removed...
  17. W

    W124 timing chain

    Hi all, My car has recently (and very gradually) become very rattly at the front of the engine. I assume this must be the timing chain and/or tensioner. Is it an easy job to do (I'm reasonably competent mechanically) and is there anything else I should look at while doing it? The car has done...
  18. poormansporsche

    Rough Price for M271 Premptive Chain & Sprocket Change ?

    Morning, Im thinking of buying a 55 plate W203 C200 with 80K - there is no timing chain problems at the mo but would like to factor in a rough price to change the above to save any future problems. Whats the likely cost there and abouts from the likes of Ollie or Terry or anyone else who...
  19. V

    Timing chain fault diognosis

    HI Everyone this is my first post would really appreciate any advise - own a Vito 109 battery fault light suddenly came on today whilst driving ? then 5 min down the road after parking up, get this - out side its MOT retest centre? for its retest. Whilst stationary ticking over sudden arratic...
  20. BAZ-500SL

    How to tension m104 timing chain

    Hello Right a slight issue I have come across when fitting the timing chain to my 320ce w124 (m104 engine) it's all lined up but I'm having difficulties tensioning it up, also there is a clutch cam that I'm a bit unsure on how it fits, all help appreciated in advance also any diagrams or how...
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