1. F

    Socks or chains.

    Ok, maybe not chains. But am thinking of those snow sock type things, as a get home from work if it is not too far option. Any recommendations...even if its 'they are a waste of time'. Thanks.
  2. B

    Snow chains wanted - to fit 255 55 16

    I'd love to borrow or buy some snow chains, though they seem pretty cheap to buy anyway! Let me know if you have any knocking around, I just need them for a ski trip to France. Thanks, David
  3. I

    Snow chains

    Hi all, I usually like to be prepared than wish I'd have got something earlier so basically can anyone recomend a decent set of snow chains? I live on a quiet estate that doesn't see any grit and last year even in my Old front wheel drive Focus it was a game getting to a main road, no sign...
  4. Spinal

    Snow Chains

    Every year, around Christmas, ECP, Aldi, Lidl, and everyone else have deals on snow chains... usually selling a set of two for £25. That said, I can't seem to find a set in that price range for my 225/45/19 (ecp seem to max out at 18" rims). Any suggestions? M/
  5. J

    Snow Chains on W212

    Has anyone on here successfully used snow-chains on a W212 E250 CDI Sport on 18 inch rims? According to the manual they are 'not permitted' on the 265/35 R18 (9.0 J x 18) fitted as standard on the sport (the 245/45 R18 - 8.5J x 18 are fine) However, all of the snow-chain website sell chains...
  6. Spinal

    Snow Chains for £20 a Pair

    Apparently Aldi are doing an offer starting on the 25th - a pair of snow chains for £20. Pretty good deal if you're planning on heading to the Alps for winter. M.
  7. PXW

    Cycle chains

    Anyone got any knowledge on these and able to help? PXW Junior (aged 14) has a Carrera mountain bike which he uses quite heavily - daily to and from school, goes cycling in the woods and trails at weekends etc. Bike was supplied by Halfords (as all these are - they are Halford's 'intermediate'...
  8. D

    Winter Tires / chains / Socks

    I am considering a jaunt to Switzerland in late October with Mrs D. I don't ski and am not considering extended driving on snow and ice. I currently have "ordinary tires" fitted to the c230k and don't really want to shell out for another set of wheels and tires for what is essentially a 6...
  9. Goldfish11

    Michelin Composite Snow Chains now available in Costco

    OK I know it is "belt and braces" but I just popped into CostCo and they are selling packs of Michelin Composite Snow Chains for £49.99 + VAT per pack of two. These are also approved for use in France (where their kind police will fine you if you are in the alps without chains and get stuck)...
  10. @MARK

    Snow socks or chains

    So I have decided that I am not prepared to pay several hundred pounds for winter tyres and wheels this year on the grounds that if the weather is really that bad that normal tyres won't get me there then I will just stay and work from home (because I can). Of course if I can lay my hands on a...
  11. KillerHERTZ


    Repost, please delete! I did actually search aswell!
  12. Godot

    Snow Socks or Snow Chains ?

    Snow Socks Alternative to Snow Chains :: Active Outdoors :: Youth Outdoor Activities BBC News - South Central Ambulance Service gets 'snow socks'
  13. B

    Snow chains for w203.

    I'm thinking about getting a set of snow chains for my rear wheels so I can get up the steep hill that I live on, the council never ever grit our street, the surface is made of concrete so most snow quickly turns to ice, what do other member think ?
  14. M

    Winter Tyres or Snow Chains

    So, last winter I struggled in the snow but got everywhere I needed to (I live at the top of a medium grade hill). I had a FWD car at the time with 225 tyres on the drive wheels. This year I have the E350, with 265/35/18 tyres on the drive wheels. So, I have decided that before any snow...
  15. nicko

    snow chains

    Anyone ever used snow chains in this country? Thinking of buying some tomorrow.I'm finding it hard work trying to back up my drive and leaving the estate. The snow is heading south.
  16. W

    Autosocks - snow 'chains'

    Autosocks - size 62 Will fit many 14", 15" and 16" wheels. Please check here for a comprehensive list I bought these last year when I had my W208 CLK320. I have opened them just to look at, but they have never been used and are therefore in 'as-new' condition. Price new £50 + P&P. I'm...
  17. C

    Snow Chains

    Anyone ever tried these snow chains, or similar product ?
  18. Spinal

    The annual winter tyre vs snow chains thread

    Well, winter is upon us and it seemed to be a shame not to have the usual debate... especially as this year I can say something :p Topic: With winter upon us, are Winter tyres, all weather tyres or Snow chains in the boot most appropriate? (don't forget your location... I have a feeling the...
  19. Satch

    Snow chains going cheap!

    and very soon I have Pewag chains and they are damn good. Check they fit your tyre size but think carefully if you have less than 100mm...
  20. D

    280 V6 timing chains

    Can anybody offer advice as to what sort of mileage the timing chains might need replacing on a C280 V6 please? Cheers, Dave
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