1. G

    Chalk and Cheese ?

    Well today was a good day, I finally got to compare two estates back to back , an E63 and E55 :) Probably not the kindest day for it but it had to be done... First was the E63, 38k on clock, all the toys you could want. Must admit, the car was very good condition, couldn't really fault...
  2. EDZ649

    Chalk and Cheese

    Chalk and Cheese E55's 1999 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO GREY | eBay UK ##1998 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO BLACK## | eBay UK
  3. Mactech

    Chalk and Cheese

    I have been visiting clients about 100miles away on a regular basis for the last couple of months and have covered the mainly single carriage way trunk road journey in various cars. Yesterday I got to use my wife’s SLK200 instead of my E280CDI and it was an interesting comparison. No surprises...
  4. MercedesBent

    Chalk? In a first aid kit! Why?

    Was tinkering with car at weekend and in the back shelf is a first aid kit. Just out of curiosity thought I'd have a look and see what's in it. One of the items listed (and in the kit) was a stick of chalk. Now unless it's to outline lemmings once mowed down, could not think what...
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