1. G

    Rare Vintage Champagne - a perfect gift

    For that someone special ... :thumb: I'm selling two of my rare vintage champagnes: Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs 1989 and Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 1990 Bought a few years ago from Cadman Fine Wines, kept in a cool storage, of course...
  2. AnilS

    BMW (E39) 530i Sport Champagne Edition I (82K)

    Please read the attachment ;) for this high provenance car :D One of the nicest BMW's ever made. Mag link; E39 Champange II Edition - E39 1996-2004 - BMW 5 Series Owners Board Detailing link; BMW 530I (E39) Champagne Sport - Detailing World
  3. Abdul

    Sorry non Merc - 02 530i sport Champagne edition

    I bought this a while ago when my daughter was born but selling now to make room for an M5 or similar. Spec: 2002 530i Individual Champagne edition 98,000 miles Full BMW service history - the history is very very comprehensive on this car 5 or 6 previous owners (last owner had it 4...
  4. AnilS

    Vintage Champagne!

    Enjoy :thumb: BMW 530I (E39) Champagne Sport - Detailing World
  5. AnilS

    BMW 530i Champagne Edition with Alpinas

    OK, its not my Mercedes (soon to be detailed) but the other love of my life;) Since April, I've been laid up following a serious knee op :( (Osteotomy) so my itch to detail has had to wait. I started walking with only one crutch last week, and thought, "thats not stopping me"!:rolleyes: The...
  6. BaldGuy

    40% off Wine and Champagne Enjoy....
  7. stats007

    R129 Overmats Champagne

    Could be useful for someone looking for original MB mats in a colour other than black!
  8. Howard

    Champagne and Flute holder for S class :cool:
  9. S

    190E in champagne, "H" reg and all mine, gerroffff

    I bought this just over a week ago and only done 187 miles in it so far but that short distance has convinced me that I did the right thing buying this rather than a newer "Beige box". (Not neccessarily a Volvo). Note the current "Beige box" in front of the Merc. It looks like a bog standard...
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