1. Londonscottish

    What's the chances of a 211 key surviving a trip to the bottom of a swimming pool?

    Oh holiday at the moment and my little girl has just managed to drop the one remaining key for the 211 into the swimming pool....... Groan. It was in for 5-10 mins (not exactly sure exactly how long). I have now retrieved it and dismantled it in an effort to let it dry out. I don't need...
  2. J

    Whats the Chances w208 CLK 55 AMG Cabriolet

    Hi What's the chances of finding a Black Mercedes CLK 55 AMG W208 Cabriolet Ross
  3. jaymanek

    Chances of getting a ticket from France

    Well maybe the MPH/KMH thing had me a little confused and the car was driving itself a little to hastily on the lovely clear motorways in France... Any chance of me seeing a ticket? Initial googling leaves me relieved...
  4. gbjeppm

    Goodwill repair, what are my chances?

    As some of you know I bought an immaculate 2000 (W) C208 CLK320 cabriolet in October 2007. I bought it from MB in Portsmouth, and as it had under 60k miles, it was under Tier 1 warranty. I look after it, although I do use it everyday, it is garaged every night. It was last serviced by Olly...
  5. Nik_Endeavour

    What are the chances?

    Had my windscreen replaced on Thursday from Autoglass. It was all perfect and thought it would last another 10 years. Did it **** :devil:? On my way to Oxford to their Bicester Outlet (blame the Mrs) I got a stone right in the middle and hey presto another crack. A grand life of 48 hrs. Well...
  6. A

    What are the chances of finding a 5-speed W140 S280 in a junkyard?

    I have this gray market '95 model with a stick, however 5-speeds were never imported into the U.S.A. The shift boot is missing and I thought of asking some junkyards over there but someone said that very few were sold even in England with the 5-speed. Has anyone come across one in a junkyard?
  7. jimmy

    Whats the chances of that?

    I bought my car from the stealer in Leicester, the car was sold by them when new too. Today I was in Wellingborough and pulled up behind a C180 Estate, Viviantite Green and the registration was one number on from mine!! <img src=""...
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