1. F

    gearbox oil change?

    howdoo i own a 2005 e280 cdi auto which i love.. recently gearbox been juddering under heavy acceleration ? so took it to local mechanic who rang merc dealership only to be told the 7g gearbox is lubed for life no need to change the gearbox oil ever!? doesn't sound right to me, are they...
  2. BIRMA

    Wheel colour change

    I've decided to change the wheel colour on my car since picking the car up I've not really liked the smoked type colour finish so decided to get them done in a lighter colour. This is before. This is after
  3. R

    Post-battery change 'knock'

    The car: a 2003 CLK240. I recently had a new battery fitted. Reset the the windows, no need of a new code for the radio - all good. But....after the engine starts, there is a 'knocking' sound coming from somewhere behind centre console. I can only like the knock to one hitting an empty tin...
  4. 5

    SBC Brake change INfO :thumb:

    This is for anyone who is thinking of changing their brake disks/pads on a car with SBC I was recently doing a search on here on how to change and bleed my brakes on a cls55 but everyone was saying you would need a star system to do it properly. I managed to find some tools that done the...
  5. G

    Change of bade colour ?

    Just got 2017 E class , the mercedes badge on bonnet is now black - anyone know significance of the change from silver / blue? Thanks
  6. Dizz

    Transmission oil change, what else?

    I have booked my 2004 CLK320 (90,000miles) in for a transmission oil change with PCS in a few weeks time, should I be taking the opportunity to get anything else checked or replaced while I'm at it? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. R

    Should 4matic change gears at much higher revs?

    Hi all, I'm not a petrol head so apologies if I get my terminology wrong. We recently bought a 2014 GLA 220 4matic, It was raining heavily the other day and I thought it was an opportunity to try the 4matic mode for the first time. I found it changed gears ( at least 1 to 4) at pretty high...
  8. mmerc

    W204 B7 service and ATF change

    Engine oil and filter change ,ATF changed with all new gasket washer etc,all other checks carried out .£380.00 all mercedes parts and mercedes trained independent.comments ::bannana::bannana:
  9. Johnerz

    E250 Coupe 2010 Dashboard display change.

    Hi I have an E250 coupe sport Sept 2010 model. I love the car but the screen display in the middle of the speedometer now reminds me of 1980's computer games. It didn't bother me when I brought the car cause I fell for the shape and the colour of th car and the drive. I opted not to go for...
  10. A

    Caliper colour change

    My A250 came with the calipers already painted red and are looking a bit tatty and need touching up, I've been thinking should I change colour and came across this caliper paint. What you guys think of this purple, or should I just touch up the red instead:rolleyes: Look at this on eBay...
  11. S

    Reset ABS/ESP lights after sensor change - w204

    I had these lights and the run flat one come on. I found one of the sensors at the rear had an open circuit so I changed it. How do I now clear the lights on the dash (apart from sticky tape :-)) ? I did this same change on a Toyota dn it cleared automatically when it found the new sensor...
  12. exvolvoman

    ATF change

    Hi guys, Need some advice please. About to change the atf and filter, will be ordering a kit from MB of Newcastle, 4lt oil, filter & gasket. Do I need to use new bolts to secure the pan? They are not supplied in the refill kit, but I've read horror stories here of them seizing in place or...
  13. kam09

    Declaring Alloy wheel change?

    guys i have recently changed my wheels to replica 18" MB style alloy wheels, i previously had stock oem 18" wheels but i did keep the tyres which i just swapped over along with the wheel sensors.. The Q. is Do i need to declare this change to my insurance? thanks
  14. mark44

    Damage free tyre change?

    What is the safest way to avoid alloy damage when having your tyres changed? Obviously going somewhere you have been before and not had a problem is one possibility, but is there a superior type of tyre extractor a fitter should be using or technique I should ask if they do? About to do a...
  15. S

    Steering wheel change

    has anyone changed the steering wheel on their w204 c220 mine is auto box not manual i have been told that the wheel can be changed for a flappy paddle type wheel and the paddles work..??? any info please
  16. Davycc

    One letter can really change a film

    OK I've unashamedly stole this from another forum. Easy really just change one letter in a film or song title to completely change it. I'll start with a few. TOP BUN - A young Paul Hollywood falls for Mary Berry whilst training to be a pastry chef. In a tent! THE ****ET LIST - A man...
  17. M

    7G Tronic Plus ATF Change & Service - E Class 2013

    I have just completed an Automatic Transmission Service on my 2013 E Class W212 (estate) 7G-Tronic Plus using the ATF 134FE Blue Oil and thought I'd share my experience. As a guide to my skill-set, I am an engineer with experience in the motor vehicle and aircraft industries, although I’ve...

    How long to change Automatic Gearbox Oil

    Just been given a rough estimate to change the gearbox oil. Over 3 Hours and £300/400 cost. just thinking out aloud, does it take this long to change the oil? Lexus Birmingham. For a LS400.
  19. cellarmerc

    how many hrs to change seals in rear transmission

    Hi, my garage charged me 11 hrs to change the seals and whatever else they are called in the rear transmission diff for my E320 W211 it had started a small oil leak on one side of the diff. I paid Euro480 to get it fixed a after market specialist not Mercedes as is 2005 car . Did I pay too...
  20. S

    Auto fluid change

    Hi Just had my Bi-annual brake fluid (SBC) changed and the rear diff oil changed in the interests of good service practice. Well-trodden ground I know but I was going to have the Auto trans fluid and filter changed shortly too. I spoke to MB for a quote (just for a laugh) and they said...
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