1. mark44

    Anyone changed thier c63 serpentine belt? Help!

    To cut a long story short, I'm trying to change my serpentine belt on my c63. Got a new one from MB, correct part number - pretty much same length. I'm really struggling getting it over the tensioner pulley - it seems about 1 inch too short, and there is zero give. Access is very hard with...
  2. John

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed - Part Deux

    Moving on from John D's and contributors' helpful thread on cylinder locks (, I decided it was timely to review our side door security as the 15 year old handles were tatty and felt like they...
  3. F

    W205 C Class - Bridgestones changed to Michelins

    With 16,000 miles on the car, the tyres were down to 3.5mm fronts & 3mm rears. Original set and they were Bridgestone Potenza S001 MOE (Run Flats) on 18" rims. Although all four still had a reasonable amount of life left in them, they were getting much noisier and really crashing on bumps...
  4. developer

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed

    In the last couple of weeks I've been made aware of car thefts via key thefts from property, including a neighbour, a cousin, and an E63 owner. All were stolen by crooks snapping the Eurocylinder locks on front/patio/rear doors, where the locks can be snapped in seconds, before entering the...
  5. M

    when should an ATF be changed on a C220 CDI W204?

    Hi All, I own a C220 CDI W204 (2011) Blue Efficiency and I have a Service Care Plan for 3 years, this would include BAB service. My service was due today (B service), and so this morning I checked the EES Guide and it said an ATF was due. It has not had one done previously. The mileage on the...
  6. mercedesmanleed

    Changed my car

    Just got an s class 2007 in black and black interior and loving it so far. As I only got it this weekend I have not managed any pics but will do soon.
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Things have changed since I was a lad (or lass)

    Today I had one of those moments when I realised just how much has changed in few decades. Have you had any similar moments? First thing tomorrow Mrs D will be going into hospital for a few days, very short notice but thankfully nothing too serious. So today I was briefed on school lunches...
  8. I

    M103 Water Pump changed, rad light still on

    Hi All, Just spent a really amusing dozen hours changing the w/pump on my 300 sel - extra oil cooler, more fun there, and another £95 for the bent pipe. Filled the header with only about five litres to the top. The thing starts and the temp is a lovely rock steady 82. Not driven it yet, no...
  9. ringway

    Jumbo: The Plane that Changed the World.

    Documentary about the development of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, a billion-dollar gamble that pushed 1960s technology to the limits and revolutionised mass air travel. LINK. BBC iPlayer - Jumbo: The Plane that Changed the World
  10. Pathewolf

    Finally changed my door lock pins!

    Probably should have gone for the AMG originals but choked at paying £80 :( These were only £20 for the set and look fine to me ;)
  11. M

    W203 ATF Changed

    Hi today got my w203 2005 Mileage:97000 Atf changed by independent Mercedes gears are so smooth but didnt understand the Invoiced £40 oil £10 filter £5 for seal (Gaskit) i've been told they always changed with Torque Convertor bill was £140. Do you think its really changed with Torque convertor?
  12. S

    Freshly changed oil this dirty ??

    Driven my c63 10 miles back from a service and the oil seems filthy. My experience of fresh oil changes is its a golden brown colour. The attatched pic is a dab of fresh mobil 1 and the other dab is my "freshly renewed "Mobil 1 oil. Does this seem right ?I would welcome your opinions. Thanks
  13. M

    2009 W204 CDI - does AT fluid need to be changed

    Hi, as per the title wondering does the AT fluid need to be changed on these? Theres 71k miles on the clock now and i dont think it has ever been done thanks!
  14. L

    Brake lights on all the time - blsw changed

    Hi all. Yet Another brake lights on post but... About to throw this PITA W203 C 240 away. I will pass a MOT but has a problem with the brake lights stuck on even with the brake light switch removed. I had this question in the /brakes forum but thought I'd try my luck here. I've replaced...
  15. L

    Brake lights on all the time - switch changed and set properly

    Evening all. My PITA W203 C 240 has a problem with the brake lights stuck on even with fuse 62 taken out. I've recently replaced the BAS/ABS module to sort out a BAS/ABS error which seems fine now. Doing that job I disconnected the battery and it's since then the brake lights are stuck on...
  16. B

    Anyone changed to run flats?

    In the past I've had two bad experiences with puncture repair sealant as supplied with my W205. In both cases the puncture was too large to be sealed and the tyres had to be scrapped. I understand that even if the sealant works most tyre repairers won't repair the tyre. Therefore I'm vaguely...
  17. D

    This forum has changed

    We used to see banner ads for local sluts, now I see ads for The Economist.
  18. G

    Granddad put deposit down on car - Changed mind!

    My elderly granddad 78 years old, went to see a car at a dealer out in East Herts. I searched Auto-trader and found him a decent low mileage 07 Renault Megane hatch-back for £1800. Told him to go and have a look and let me know, I couldn't make it to go with him, but he ended up putting down a...
  19. 4

    w211 e 270 cdi 2003 power steering rack changed

    I have recently changed my power steering rack in my E 270 cdi 2003 because of defect.My new power steering rack is taken from w211 2007 car.It has a place when to connect a sensor.But , my e270 cdi 2003 doesn't have a cable to connect a sensor.can i adapt this PSWR of 2007 to work on my w211...
  20. H

    Deposit paid, spec changed. Can i get money back?

    Hi, I paid a deposit on a car with a bunch of options. Car not yet ordered, but have been told that multi-contoured seat is no longer available. I'm after dealer adding Drivers Assistance Pack, but they will not longer apply same discount they applied on overall package. Another dealer will...
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