1. R

    B Class W245 CD Changer Woes

    Evening guys. Something odd has happened to the glove box CD changers. I have no lights and when I press a button on the changer the Audio 20 unit just sits on please wait. If I press the CDC button on the Audio 20 unit, it says CD 4 Track 6 which was the last thing that I was listening to...
  2. J

    W203 - swap cd changer for a bluetooth module?

    Apologies but im a total noob here... I have just bought myself a w203 c32 amg and wanted to be able to play music via bluetooth in my car! From what I have read and understood I have the comand 2.0 HU and I know it is possible to get a bluetooth module that replaces the AUX in the glovebox...
  3. G

    For SALE: 6x CD Changer - OE, MP3-capable

    I have just removed my 6x CDC and it's for sale. Absolutely perfect condition and works flawlessly. The car has 39,580 miles on the clock. Plays MP3 CDs, so even at the highest bitrate, you'd get at least 400 tracks (and that's mostly classical music, so many are over 7-10 minutes long)...
  4. S

    CD changer wiring.

    Help guys, i haven't seen an S320 in the scrappies and have looked elsewhere for the power connector and a bit of wiring for my CD changer. It's a 3pin connector which has been removed from the wiring on my car. I'm left with the wires and hope to get a bit of wiring with the plug so I can...
  5. N

    Stealing power from CD Changer

    Hi All, I have a CLK 3.2 2003. I have a CD Changer in the glovebox and like most people I don't use it, but I know that it has power to it, can I take the power from this to power a small device (5amp), or does the power only come on when you select cd from the comand system? I know...
  6. A

    clk 270 cd changer

    Hello does anybody know how to remove the cd changer in the glove box please? I need to remove the unit to get to the latch for the glovebox i have found 2 x torx screws on the edge of the unit & I have removed them but the unit is still tight I am thinking that there are more screws
  7. I

    W215 Cl500 Cd changer

    Hi Everyone Just treated myself to a 2002 CL500 in excellent condition with 80000 on the clock everything works as it should apart from the cd player says no magazine when a full magazine is in the changer any ideas please ? Thankyou
  8. Gollom

    CD stuck in changer

    Sue has a CD changer in her SLK glovebox. I put a CD in slot 1, but it did not get recognised and will not eject. :fail Sue has now managed to put CD's in all 6 slots (including the slot I am 99.9% sure the stuck one is in!) This sound feasible and is there anyway I can get the (stuck) one...
  9. Gollom

    A2118275542 - 6 Disc CD changer

    This is fully working and came from our R171 SLK. Fits other cars including W211 E=class Looking for £60 plus postage at cost
  10. Gollom

    R171 CD changer removal

    2004 MY. In the glovebox - anybody know where the fixing screws/points are? I want to change it for an MP3 capable CD changer we have bought
  11. OneTwoNine

    Info - W219 / W211 Changer Pocket

    I'm removing the command system completely out of my CLS but I still want full use of the pocket where the CD changer sits. Does anyone know how to get this to work without the CD changer / command fitted or know the parts I need to be able to make this work. All help will be greatly...
  12. MD5

    Multi CD changer 08 R230

    The multi cd changer isn't working in my car, and I've checked the EPC, where it's listed as item 166, but saying the item no. is not valid for this model description. Can anyone help with a part no. please, or they are universal?
  13. T

    CD Changer

    Hi I have a Mercedes CLK 280 209 convertible 2008 model with Command with no CD Changer. Am I able to install a CD Changer. I have seen this one on ebay and wondered if it would fit, if not, can anyone advise what I should be looking for and part number would be appreciated. MERCEDES...
  14. Petrol Pete

    CD changer not working

    Hi The 6 CD multichanger in the glove box of my 2006 C class makes all the right whirring and clicking noises when I load the cassette of CD's into it. But when I try to select it I get 'CD load error' come up on the screen of the Audio 20 system. I have took it in and out and swapped CD's...
  15. S

    W202 c clasa oem cassette radio with changer controls.

    Genuine w202 c class cassette radio from a 1997 C250td elegance. All working order and complete with 2 radio key cards and owners manual. Open to offers. Collection from Portsmouth or can be posted at cost to buyer.
  16. Lenny63

    w219 - motorised cd changer "front plate" won't open

    Hello all As title states , I went to open my cd changer front plate on my CLS last night and it won't open. It's been working absolutely fine until now, though the last time I inserted/rejected more cd's is approx 6 weeks ago To clarify , it's the motorised front that you push the...
  17. ss201

    Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer + lead & fitting bracket

    This came fitted to the first 190E I owned - which the previous (wealthy) owner had dealer fitted (at great expense) with the top of the range Blaupunkt Kingston DJ stereo radio/cassette player. Eventually the Kingston DJ's visual display gave up the ghost and I carefully removed the system...
  18. D

    CD player and CD changer issues.

    So problem number two with my car is to do with the CD players. The single slot CD/DVD player wont accept a disc. It doesn't pull it in or make any kind of noise when a disc is offered. Also, on the 'Audio' menu, the radio and CD changer can be selected but not the CD/DVD player. That option is...
  19. c32pilot

    W203 CD Changer no sound.

    Anyone had this. Screen shows the CD playing but absolutely no sound. Everything else works a treat... Radio, Aux etc. Cheers. :thumb:
  20. T

    New 1995 R129 sl320 owner...wants cd changer and audio 10/30

    ...Morning to your good selves... I am going to replace /sell /swap my Sony BT60 merciless sub aux player for an original audio 10 /30 and the boot mounted cd changer... Has anyone got one? Many thanks Giles
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