1. G

    Not a good day for CD changers then?

    Just login and saw at least a dozen posts about CDC problems ... For the record: mine is fine :cool:
  2. Benzowner

    CD Changers

    I have or had a 6 cd changer in the boot of my S Class model No. MC3198 part No. A0028207989. Does anyone know if there is a compatible changer to this as mine has gone caput big time, got a bit wet last winter through severe condensation. Managed to release the cartridge an save the CD's in the...
  3. vincenz

    W211 Audio 20 Compatible CD Changers

    Does anyone know if an auto changer model MH3210 (part number A211 287 55 42) fit a 2007 Audio 20 head unit or does it required the MH 3512 (part number A211 870 53 90 80) Thanks in advance
  4. B

    CD Changers

    Hey folks looking for a 6 or 10 disc cd changer for my clk sport, i bloomin bought the car only to find that the so called multi-changer that I thought was in the glove box was actually for CD about DOH! So im after either a boot changer or glovebox changer anyone know where i...
  5. W

    MB CD Changers for sale

    Hi everyone :) I've got a pair of MB CD changers here for sale. Originally bought with an Audio 30 APS system, I was going to install one of these into my car, but I don't think I'll get round to that anymore - so I'm offering them to forum members on here before they end up on eBay :o...
  6. T

    CD Changers and MP3's

    Due to not getting my new motor till next weeks I am unable to expirement. But have been reading loads on the forums. Now I have left myself wondering. The car is a 2005 05 plate C180K saloon. It has a CD changer in the glovebox and the standard head unit. Is it likely that my car will have...
  7. merc180k

    CD Changers

    Hi, I have a 2004 W203 (pre f/l model). Looking for a CD changer - would either of these fit my car? I have the audio 10 CD player at the moment. Ta MC3110 or MC3198
  8. mobeyone

    advice on tyre changers

    Bought some tyres on ebay - had them fitted by a local garage i have been using years and they have managed to remove the lacquer of the rim. Didnt check the wheels when i left but looked when i got to work and spotted it. Not happy, went back today and the guy who owns the place denied...
  9. Tan

    MP3 CD Changers

    Hi Are there any MP3 CD Changers that can be connected directly to the Mercedes Audio 30 APS head unit? A local car audio dealer said that becker mad a device that I could connect a device to the CD changer controls but could not locate the part or any further info on it. Regards Tan
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