1. A

    Changing Timing belt

    Hi, guys. I just bought a 2009 Mercedes A160 CDI, diesel. According to its service history, the mileage is 105K, and it never gets the timing belt changed. Should I change it immediately? Also I cannot even find the timing belt in the bonnet, where is it?
  2. B

    Changing indicator lamp or bulb in Door mirror

    Hi I have a 2004 S Class 320 cdi and there is a fault with the drivers side indicator bulb in the door mirror, are they easy to change? Thank's Bill.
  3. ringway

    Changing The Law.

    If you had the chance to change a law or sentencing, what would it be? I have a few in my locker: Dropping litter = £2,000 fine. Not picking up dog poop = £2000 fine. The scumbags that we see on Police Camera Action driving at high speeds, especially in built up areas = Throw away the key...
  4. R

    Audio changing with transmission

    Hi, has anyone else had a problem with their audio changing when they change from drive to reverse on an automatic and sometimes visa versa. The car has been back to Mercedes several times now and they cannot replicate the fault to see what happens and I obviously cannot record it as I am...
  5. L

    W126 auto not changing up

    The other day, when I'd been travelling some distance, on pulling off from a standstill the 'box stayed in low gear until about 3500 revs, despite relatively modest boot applied - sounded like it was in first (switch was in S mode at the time, so it would've used 1st). Checked the fluid level...
  6. A

    My changing centre caps

    After searching around for centre caps I've come across quite a few I've liked ;) so bought them all :rolleyes: These are the ones I have gone through in the 18months of owning the car :D Think my favourite are the mostly black caps:dk: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  7. Felstmiester

    Would any of you consider changing your car for a gtr

    I've got the dreaded itch. Don't know much about the Nissan scene apart from they're fast and I like the look of them. Some of you guys must of thought about swapping out your c63 for one of these. Would't be able to stretch budget to a late one so would be around 35k budget. Wouldn't be used as...
  8. A

    CLK 270CDI Auto gearbox not changing

    Hi there fellow members I have a 55 plate clk270cdi with 125k on the clock. Today I went on a long run to the coast & back approx. a 200 mile round trip, on the way there we had no problems at all but on the way back I noticed that the revs were high when cruising along & also the cruise...
  9. D

    Changing Mileage on Dash CLK (W208)

    Hi I have bought an new dash cluster as my old one had many faults with dud pixels etc and the mileage obviously is not correct now and says I have done over 12k more than the car has. Is it possibly to change the mileage so it reads correct for the car via a piece of software or sending it off...
  10. L

    W210 smoke issue after changing high pressure fuel pump seals.

    Hi, Need massive help from you guys if possible please? I have W210 320cdi. High pressure fuel pump started leaking. So I changed all the seals and it's fixed now. HOWEVER!! since then it's causing blue (ish) smoke. Before sorting the high pressure fuel pump it had no smoke issue at all. My...
  11. clk320x

    Changing time after aftermarket headunit

    After fitting the Pioneer app radio in place of my COMAND the time no longer automatically changes in the cluster to accommodate for the daylight saving etc It says on the CONNECTS2 interface that the time changing etc would be preserved but seemingly this is not the case although steering...
  12. S

    Is it worth changing air filters early?

    I have usually changed the air filter annually, around every 20k, on my previous cars as they were easy and relatively cheap. The schedule for my OM642 is 4 years or approx every 46k, and was last done during the service before last. The mileage currently is 78k, with the next service due @...
  13. A

    Changing key batteries

    First, am I right in thinking that when I press lock/unlock on the key fob, if a little red light flashes it means that the batteries are running low? Second, when looking up how to change the batteries, I've seen some pretty uncomfortable stories about keys suddenly not working when old...
  14. garycat

    Audio20 - Changing the default radio station?

    When I switch to DAB, the radio is always tuned to talkSport instead of the last station I was listening to or one from my presets. How can I change the default radio station?
  15. K

    Changing Grills

    Can anybody point me in the right direction trying to change the grill on my 2009 CLC Kompresser but am struggling to find a grill!! Looking for the old style grill but not sure which would fit as mine is a W203 but it's got the W204 facelift? Would this grill...
  16. S

    W166 - Changing Headlight bulbs to match the daytime running LEDS

    Hi All The standard headlights on our ML are far too yellow for me and i'm thinking of changing them for a brighter white colour. Has anyone done this on their ML? Is there a how to guide on this? Anyone know which xenon bulbs i'd need to buy? Many thanks Suraj
  17. oldmedic999

    Changing bulbs on W219 to LED's

    Can someone please help me with working out the bulbs to change to LED's on W219 2010. Its the model with the LED lights on the back. The will include interior bulbs and all interior lighting. thanks All :ban:
  18. oldmedic999

    Changing in internal roof lighting W219.

    I am looking at changing my internal Ceiling lights to LED's. Has anyone got a clue were to were to get the bulbs and how to fit them. original lights seem a little dim after 6 years. Thanks in advance :doh:
  19. P

    SL350 R230 - Gear changing problems

    Hello everybody I am the owner of a R230 SL350 , 2005 model (3750 ccm, 245 bhp). The last few months, randomly the gearbox refused to change gears up or down, and was stuck to the gear that was engaged at the time. I found out that (like some other issues) when the car was switched off and...
  20. N_Jepson

    Changing ML350 for ML420 - what to look for ...

    Hi all, Considering change the family work horse (W163 ML350) for a newer model (W164 ML420 CDI). - any advice on the W164 on what to look for ? - any think relating to the 4.0L diesel engine I should be aware of ? Would love to hear from other ML 420 CDI owners ... Many thanks in...
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