1. KillerHERTZ

    My Youtube Channel - KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications

    Hi Guys, As some of you will be aware/have seen my signature link, I have started adding content to my Youtube channel: I have bitten the bullet and started talking on the video's now. Its not as easy as it looks talking to a camera/listening to your own...
  2. gaz_l

    Cross channel ferries

    Does anyone still use them? I guess so, or they'd be out of business by now. Personally, I haven't been on a ferry across the channel since the tunnel opened all those years ago. But, we're off on a jaunt across to Belgium and Holland soon and I thought I'd check out the ferries as an...
  3. CLSMark

    Mercedes Source YouTube channel. I find myself watching this a lot, some lovely classics on there, and for an American channel it's not too "American" (Apologies if this is a repost, before the thread police attack me ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. markjay

    Crossing Continents (or the Channel, anyway)

    Last time I used the Eurotunnel was in 1998 driving a friend's 280SEL back from Paris. I am planning a trip to Paris and back in January... this time with a pet. Well the pet is going one way, coming back without it (the pet and Mrs. MJ continue their journey by plane). Any tips and...
  5. BlackC55

    Prestige Car Service youtube channel.

    Hi, I have not been on here for a while and I have been slacking as I do enjoy helping you lot out if I can. I have been so busy with the workshop and the other business that I have just not had time to be as active as I would like. The Benz on The Green event also takes a huge amount of time...
  6. S

    New Channel - MB Workshop Videos of all sorts! (Mixed English and German) This channel has an ever increasing number of workshop videos being added on virtually every Mercedes made in the last ten years. Titles are a little obscure and probably badly translated, but there's some very useful stuff in there - I found the...
  7. G

    DTUK twin channel tuning box

    For use with C350Cdi (265hp) model. Connects to fuel and boost, and offers four different maps with +/- settings on each to allow individual fine tuning. Boxed with fitting instructions, very easy to fit. £200.
  8. The _Don

    Channel 4 now

    A car related programme.
  9. 55NF

    TDI TUNING Box CRTD2 Twin Channel for E350 cdi W212

    For Sale TDI TUNING Box (Twin Channel). Increase from 265bhp to 329bhp!! Totally transforms the car. Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 261 Bhp / 265 PS / 195 kW Blue Efficiency CRTD2® TWIN Channel Diesel Tuning Box Chip
  10. D

    classic car program on channel 5 7pm tonight

    claiming investment in classic car has been a better investment in the last few years as price risen much more than things to compare with, long it my continue
  11. KillerHERTZ

    How its made: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Discovery Channel

    Just watched this episode on the Stingray and I am amazed at how poorly made the car is. A few points from my 'sofa expert' eye: -All workers in their own jeans/t-shirts, no uniform -Headlights fitted without any protection to the surrounding bodywork + the light unit lenses -Leak...
  12. S

    200/220/250 3 Channel remapping box/ecu

    I have a 3 channel Rebellion automotive tuning box that will fit the 200 220 250 engine. C Class E Class and others The box is a top bit of kit with it being a 2 channel unit. It gave me circa 250 bhp/550Nm on my E250 COUPE and also 9MPG more on economy. Best boxes around and cost 425...
  13. The _Don

    Sky channel 120 itv4 hd

    On now Goodwood cars of the future.
  14. TheBeast

    Height Issues on Channel Tunnel

    Dear All, Normally a frequent user of the Channel Tunnel, I have been put off since I bought my new 2013 Model GL. The listed Vehicle height is 1.85m, however the height restriction at the tunnel entrances (marked with a 3x3inch post) is 1.85m too. Has anyone used the channel crossing in...
  15. developer

    Going To The Dogs - Channel 4 now

    Though 1/2hr in. Utterly vile - some people must just be wired differently :mad:. It's very hard to watch - be warned...
  16. AshC63

    Inside Rolls Royce on channel 4

    Well that was a nice taster... One guy's got 62 of them. Abu Dhabi is the top dealership ( of course ) & Diamond encrusted door cards :cool: Well doesn't leave me much choice ,I know what I'm doing next ...I'm going to polish my AMG engine badge tomorrow ! :thumb:
  17. I

    Bluetooth audio through phone channel

    For those of us with viseo type Bluetooth phone connections but no Bluetooth music streaming, it may be possible to push mobile phone Bluetooth streamed music through the phone channel with android/apple phone apps. I've tried a few of the apps but I can't find one which will convince viseo...
  18. developer

    Channel 5

    Could be interesting, though I don't fancy yours much :eek:.
  19. W

    YouTube channel recommendations

    An idea taken from anther thread, but I'd be interested to see which YouTube motoring channels people can recommend. Here are mine (mostly bike related, sorry) /DRIVE - YouTube BaronVonGrumble - YouTube Schaaf - YouTube RoyalJordanian - YouTube Moonfleet41 - YouTube RoadcraftNottingham -...
  20. C

    On tv now! Nat geo 'mega factories : mercedes channel sky526

    Showing now hand built amg engines
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