1. corned

    Victory By Design - Discovery Turbo channel

    Hi all, I suspect a few of you have already clocked this absolute gem of a series, however no one had already flagged it up - so here am I doing my little bit of civic duty. Victory By Design : Programs : Discovery Turbo : Discovery Press Web It is presented by Alain de Cadenet who does an...
  2. A

    GT Motor racing on NOW (Channel 5) SLS..R8's etc

    Just turned it on... cool :)
  3. scumbag

    New comedy channel

    It's channel 200 for those with Sky. called Controversial TV. Damned funny. Best thing I have watched all year. I hope nobody tells me it's serious!:doh:
  4. C

    channel 4

    come dine with me on channel 4 there is a old merc soft top can any tell me what it is please thank you
  5. The Boss

    Watch th sls factory now on natgeo channel 526

    SLS BUILD ON TV NOW ON NAT GEO CHANNEL526 I saw this the other day.. incedible...
  6. M

    Phoneshop on channel 4

    Has anyone other than me seen this series that was on Channel 4 a few months back? It is Very very funny, but no one that I have mentioned it to has ever seen it. It would be great if anyone else can give their views on it. I have watched most of the episodes 3 or 4 times now, I think it is...
  7. M

    Visiting Channel Islands - no passport

    OK - I've Googled and it seems that I don't need a passport if I'm visiting Guernsey directly from the UK (this'll be for a short break holiday). But there's some question over whether I'd be allowed on a plane if I didn't have some form of ID. Anyone flown there recently without passport -...
  8. AMG-Al

    Import from Channel Islands

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice/experience importing a vehicle from the CI, namely Jersey in this case. The car was 1st registered there in 1991 and has never been registered at any time in the UK. Is it as straightforward as the seller is telling me - "UK MOT first then...
  9. C

    sky hd channel

    452 rush hd lovely 280sl on there
  10. KillerHERTZ

    New Wii BBC iPlayer channel

    Although the Wii has a slightly obtimised version of the iPlayer when you run it through the Opera browser, on November 18th we will be getting a stand alone iPlayer channel - like on the PS3 Link
  11. verytalldave

    Mercedes TV channel

    Some of you may be unaware of the existence of this................ YouTube - MercedesBenzTV's Channel If you have only a medium speed broadband connection you may get buffering issues.
  12. Darrell

    Channel Islands C43

    Can't do the paste thing but look at this. Ebay 330360236660. Been round the block a bit. I didn't realise about the MOT and road tax over there.
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Free Internet Channel on Wii

    If anyone hasnt already notice the pulsing blue light coming from their Wii. The Wii Internet Channel is now FREE to download (previously 500 points). Anyone who previously paid for it will get a freebie from the online store between October and December worth 500 points. Remember...
  14. chriswt

    Now on (1pm) - Channel DAVE - GT Racers

  15. coupe deville

    The channel Islands and the TV licence

    Much press lately from the channel islands, particularly the feudal system on Sark that's under pressure to change. Question-- do the channel islanders have to purchase a british tv licence Reason I'm asking is the TV licence really bugs me and I want somewhere to live when I retire where I can...
  16. Satch

    Channel Tunnel closed by fire

    Well all seems under control but travel chaos until the weekend at least
  17. kbhogalW126

    Episode 1 - The A Team on Bravo Channel 123!

    Folks, Episode 1 is on channel 123 (Bravo). It will be re-run at 1.30pm on channel 124 (bravo+1)! Wonderful as I've never seen the first episodes before. KJ
  18. Spinal

    DayTrip Across the Channel

    So yesterday I took a trip across the channel (P&O's £20 offer)... Although I had a fun trip overall, I thought I'de post some comments: -France + Sunday + Shopping = yeah, right! Other than the large wine stores in Calais, the only other things open were the petrol stations and the...
  19. C

    Wiring channel through Bulkhead ?

    :confused: Does anyone know the best route to take, to feed electrical wires from the car interior into the engine bay, without drilling any holes. O/S N/S. Where is the best place from the interior on a 203 C class ?
  20. MikeL

    Channel Five Logo

    I see Five have reintroduced an on screen logo - sad as it just lowers the quality feel of the channel. And yes they do bug me! Mike
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