1. Palfrem

    We need more chaps like this.

    BBC News - Engineering summer school led by retired professor What a nice man. A lifetime of useful knowledge being passed on even in his retirement.
  2. Silver CL55

    Could you value my car for a private sale please chaps?

    I'm debating between trading my car and selling it and buying my new one cash. They seem to vary enormously in price, what are they actually selling for? I don't mean trade price. It's now dark so no photos, sorry. 2005 55 plate CLS55 AMG, totally standard, usual AMG stuff. Obsidian...
  3. HotJambalaya

    Still some nice chaps around...

    Driving down a narrow street the other day, an oncoming police car lights sirens etc forced me to swerve left, and in doing so, I knocked off a parked cars drivers side mirror :wallbash: Got out, changed details etc with the driver who was just getting to the car, and turns out its a hire...
  4. Silver CL55

    Ok chaps I've bagged one!

    2005 55 SL350 black with sand leather, 67k, full MB history. I'm delighted with it and Mrs CL55 is jumping the height of herself. (It's her car) Thanks for everyone's help, especially Terry Gates. I'm off on holiday in the morning so photos to follow. I'll be asking all the usual questions as...
  5. Benty

    Hi chaps New member

    Hi there just joined the forum as I am picking my 53plate e55 amg up on Saturday . This will be my 1st mb I have owned and look forward to finding out a little more about these cars and contributing with any experience I may pickup along the way .
  6. DSLiverpool

    Chaps I drove past this on a forecourt

    2000 Mercedes-Benz S Class S500 Limousine 4dr 5.0L Got me thinking whats not to like ? will go and have a shufty on saturday. I think its pricey but its coming from a reputable dealer and would have to have basic guarantee ? How overpriced is it (Im thinking 100%) but looks lovely and I...
  7. T

    Got a chance of a C55, what do you chaps think....

    Guys, I have a chance to swap my 05 plate 3.2 V6 TT Mk1 plus £5750 for a 55 plate C55 with 45k miles. Now to start with it sounds easy, take the C55 and live happily ever after! However, I am fussy and mean real fussy. My TT is like new and I really mean it and it only has 16k miles on...
  8. 300CE

    1992 MERCEDES 300 CE BLACK (check out the rear spoiler chaps!)

    1992 MERCEDES 300 CE BLACK on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 13:02:25 BST)
  9. R

    hi chaps - potential new owner here!

    hi folks been lurking here for a while, but now getting closer to scratching that MB itch I have so would like to get advice from the good people here! thinking about going to see a 2004 E220 CDI AVANTGARDE. advert pics look good and its resonably close to me. Its advertised for £9K (was...
  10. M

    Bank Q: identifying incoming CHAPS payments

    How does your bank show incoming CHAPS credits? My Bank (well sort-of-bank, it's the Nationwide building society) does not show any payee information for incoming CHAPS payments on my statments or online. No matter what the sender writes on the form at their bank (which is typically in...
  11. A

    hi chaps please help me price a weird one..... project

    firstly this isnt a for sale post. but i took on a project recently and have done nothing to it lol, i have just bought a older e30 bmw 325 sport which has taken my attention more this is a 1991 mercedes 500sl convertible been off the road for 10 years, the roof needs replacing, the...
  12. E

    Happy fathers day chaps :thumb:
  13. janner

    A game you chaps will relate to.

    A little game for you.
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