1. W

    Autocar - car handling character

    Interesting short article on car handling. In search of Volvo's character - Tester?s notes
  2. S

    Out of character for me

    I washed my car. I was given some autogylm car shampoo by a mate for a birthday present (sense he was taking the P). Well I actually used it and the car looks ace. And its put a stop to the office vandals who have taken to writing "also available in black" on it. See Druk (and others), told...
  3. glojo

    Strength of Character

    I have just been having a chat with my brother and thought I would share part of our conversation. Before returning to New Zealand my brother met up with an old friend who unfortunately lost his sight whilst in the Army. For a laugh they went ten pin bowling:eek: :) Yup ten pin bowling with a...
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