1. ringway

    To The World's End: Scenes and Characters on a London Bus Route.

    To The Worlds end... I have watched this many times since seeing it on television years ago. Worth watching IMHO. :thumb: First transmitted in 1985, To the World's End follows the No. 31 London bus from Camden Town to World's End, Chelsea, meeting characters who live and work along the...
  2. Ian B Walker

    OT Music and Characters.

    Got to thinking tonight about what songs suit what person. (Yes I know, very sad) I came up with the following. No Offence intended. Samuelellis --- Mercedes Benz by Janice Joplin Pammy ------ God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols (she is not THAT regal :D ) Kinky -------- Wearwolves of London...
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