1. L

    A32m2 - Charcoal Filter Flap Motor

    I was hoping somebody might be able to asist with a part number check? I decided to bite the bullet and rip the dash out on my Clk to get the annoying 'snapping' sound coming from the Charcoal filter stepper motor/linkage. This is now the 2nd time I've had to do this. About 2 years ago I...
  2. K

    W211 E55 Estate 2003 Cabin Filter and charcoal filter?

    I was wondering if this is correct my 2003 has a non charcoal cabin filter on top of the battery and two charcoal filters under the dash? After 2005 or 2006 this changed to the single combo filter? Is there any impact if I just get a charcoal cabin filter? Will it do anything or is it just...
  3. John_Doe

    anyone replaced a charcoal flap motor?

    I got a bit carried away the other day and I've removed most of my interior while trying to find the cause of the clicking on start up. I've removed the top of the dash and I can see the motor that is causing the clicking but I can't seem to access it. It's the charcoal flap motor. I was...
  4. J

    C63 charcoal filter delete

    I have come across a few posts regarding a charcoal filter delete. What is the benefit of doing this?
  5. W

    Charcoal canister W202

    I want to replace the charcoal canister. I can't seem to find this part for sale. Any suggestions, or do I have to buy from a dealer?
  6. ShaunB

    Charcoal filters - do you change them?

    Guys As per title, do you all change these as required in the manual? I've read several times that changing these is unnecessary. Any thoughts?
  7. flango

    New BBQ Gas or Charcoal

    I need the panels help as I cant decide My trusty BBQ has finally given up the ghost in 14 years I've only had 2 both gas and both brilliant first one was an AOG (American outdoor grill) and the one thats just died after nearly 10 years of trusty service is a Weber. Now when we go to Motorsport...
  8. P

    active carbon charcoal pollen filter w203 C Class

    anyone had experience retrofitting a carbon cabin filter to a car which didn't have this originally? I have just bought & installed the below aftermarket upgraded pollen filter with a thin layer of activated carbon. Not sure it it'll make a huge difference given how thin the charcoal layer is...
  9. M

    Active Charcoal Cabin Filter or Separate Charcoal filter?

    Hi all, My dads W211 220 CDI is due a service soon. It has option 581 fitted so it has Thermotronic Climate Control with the extra climate control's for the rear passengers. I am a bit confused looking in the service booklet stating Dust Filter and Charcoal filter, does my car have a...
  10. sam-orr

    Charcoal filter???

    I have a W202 and the service history says it has a charcoal filter that has never been changed. What and where the hell is this?! Anyone else got one?
  11. punjabi

    V Class tailgate in charcoal (black)

    Am looking for a V Class (638 series) tailgate complete with window glass and wiper mechanism in the charcoal black colour, no dents or rust.
  12. Aletank

    Activated Charcoal Filter ?

    In my service book, a Activated Charcoal Filter is listed, Is that a Pollen Filter ? Thanks Guys ;)
  13. benzers

    230TE 1991 Charcoal Canister Q's

    I bought my motor about a month ago now, I've been attempting to do some of the maintenance work myself, indeed with the advice of Mr Haynes. I'm onto the charcoal canister now. What does this do and is it worth replacing? I was at Merc Temple Fortune yesterday, where they kindly went over my...
  14. 300CE

    GENUINE Mercedes Maclaren SLR Alloy Wheel Charcoal

    Normally £2k a piece!?!? GENUINE Mercedes Maclaren SLR Alloy Wheel Charcoal on eBay (end time 05-Mar-11 17:08:49 GMT)
  15. P

    W211 Active Charcoal Filter?

    I've the pleasure of having my E-Class serviced on Thursday (the first whilst it has been in my possession) and I'm having trouble finding a definitive answer as to whether my car has an Active Charcoal filter. The car is a Jan 2004 (53-plate) E270 Elegance with the 2-zone automatic air...
  16. GrahamC230K

    w202 Telephone Console - Dark Charcoal

    An original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class. The colour is dark charcoal but I used it on a black dashboard and it looked OK. Looked better than in the pics where the flash has highlighted the colour difference at by far it's worst. This is the console with integrated speaker...
  17. E

    Activated charcoal filter

    Just reading what should be included in a Service B for my car and it says replace the activated charcoal filter... whats this? What does it do and are they expensive to have replaced? Just wondering, I'm actually due a Service A in 5000 miles time but I have an indi friend who is going to...
  18. W

    Charcoal filter

    Hi Chaps, I understand that my '99 C220cdi has an "activated charcoal filter" somewhere. The questions are: What is it? What does it do? Where is it located? Am I supposed to change it and, if so, how often? Is it cheap and easy to fix? Many thanks is advance.
  19. J

    Activated charcoal filter

    Anyone know where is this black cylinder located for a 2005 W211?
  20. lynall

    W210 01 charcoal filters

    Can anyone tell me where best place to get these? from my local factor doesnt know what i am talking about, and wants to sell me the pair from behind the glovebox, eurocarparts have no stock and they are £56:crazy: so i dread to think what main dealers are. Done some surfing and seems if i...
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