1. mercmanuk

    c class amg car mats full set charcoal

    w204 c class amg car mats full set charcoal w204 brand new set of amg charcoal coloured car mats,genuine mercedes with origional packaging,i'm sure they are for the w204 ,i bought them in error. £50 delivered or £42 collected,collection prefered no idea what they cost from mercedes i'm just...
  2. C

    Charcoal Filter Question for Grober..

    The Minister for the Interior has been complaining about a very strong fuel smell whenever I have left the 124 running on the drive. I personally dont notice it myself, but given the liklihood that the Charcoal filter hasnt been changed,so is some 50k miles overdue, and (more importantly) the...
  3. Rob77

    Charcoal canister needed?

    I'm putting together a collection of the various filters, etc, needed for a major service and my Haynes manual mentions some models having an evaporative emission system and needing charcoal canister replacement at 72k miles. It doesn't say whether my model has one though. I'm assuming this...
  4. Z

    Anyone know where the charcoal filter is in a 2002 c-class?

    After reading the thread about the smells coming from vents I thought I would maybe change this as there is a bit of a stench in my car. Thanks in advance. Zishan
  5. D

    C200 Charcoal Filter

    Do I really need to change the charcoal filter, or are they just a joke
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