1. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  2. John

    Battery state of charge.

    Take a 12v battery which from new starts at around say 12.7V. When it reaches 11.9, it is supposedly discharged. How can a battery at this level still turn a car over fine without any trouble? Or is this not what is being referred to? (Measured on a multimeter)
  3. 5

    Is my charge cooler pump the problem?

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if anyone has had a familiar problem in their cls55 as mine. In sports mode you accelerate but as you build up speed say to 80+ you begin to loose power? and if you lift of and reaply you still don't get full power. Is this the chargecooler pump not keeping the...
  4. GreetMe

    Leasehold service charge advice

    I'd really appreciate some advice on this... Six months ago I sold my leasehold property. Shortly after completion I was told that there was a shortfall in the service charge payments that I'd made (because the payments are only estimates until the management company do their year-end...
  5. C

    charge cooler brackets

    hi all, what is the cooler that sits below the other small cooler that does the supercharger? Reason I ask is that the mount bracket that holds this in place has detached itself from the bottom of the supercharger cooler rad. Ive made a temp repair for the moment, but ideally id like...
  6. C

    cls55 charge cooler pump replacement

    hello all, thought id make a start on some of the jobs on the cls. First on my list is the pump for the supercharger cooling system. The previous owner had kindly supplied me the replacement part when he sold the car, so it was just a matter of fitting it. I suspected the old one was...
  7. Red C220

    Ever thought MB charge a lot for options?

    Here is a new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso order from a guy in the USA. Prices are in US $.
  8. J

    Drivers of cars over a decade old £10 toxicity charge to drive through central London
  9. brucemillar

    Petrol A-Class battery charge ?

    Folks My FIL has bought a 2006 petrol A-Class. He needs to connect his maintenance charger. He can't find a charge point under the bonnet, so has to lift the floor to hook directly into the battery. Is there a charge point?
  10. P

    Charge pressure sensor

    Where is this on a w211 and any idea of cost. Code coming up is Check component b5/1, the signal voltage is too high. This code was shown on a scan over 12 months ago. Since then intermittently it goes into limp mode (rarely) Since yesterday on start up the car revs all the way to red but...
  11. ioweddie

    How much they gonna charge me?

    1st Service due in the next few weeks, 'A' Service on a 2016 model c220d AMG Line Premier Plus Estate, done 3500 miles, basically an oil change, will I get any change from £300? Being done at Esplanade Isle of Wight.
  12. J

    w124 Alternator Charge light bypass?

    Is there any way to bypass the alternator charge light just for diagnosis purposes? I found this on Benzworld but it seems a little too simplistic and I wouldn't want to blow anything :eek: Alternator Test Cord for W123s - Mercedes-Benz Forum My battery isn't charging and all the usual...
  13. RyanMuller

    Help i need a new charge cooler :-(

    So the c32's charge cooler has a leak and is leaking slightly into the air intakes. I rang MB and a genuine part is £1100 but with a 2 MONTH lead time as they don't stock the part. Does anyone have any experience with this, is there an aftermarket route? Or do I suck up the wait and garage...
  14. airportstar

    How long to charge the battery

    I'm charging a flat battery from my W211 with a 12v-20amp charger. How long should I leave it on charge for?
  15. E

    Congestion charge

    I am a little confused with a PCN i got. On Sunday i traveled up to London, was staying in a hotel for 5 nights with work. There is no congestion charge on a Sunday. And i drove back on Friday. My thinking was that the congestion charge is only applied when you enter London not when you...
  16. P

    W639 Vito split charge

    Hi A,, I am converting my Vito into a camper. I am at present sorting out the split charge system and mains hook up. First question what is the best place to connect to the battery under the seat or under the bonnet, remembering that I am using 16mm cable and have to fit an inline fuse...
  17. Horrgakx

    What does the "Charge" bar refer to?

    I have just picked up a new C250 AMG Line Premium Plus :) I have the centre display showing current economy (ie. the live bar that goes up and down as I accelerate). When I come off the gas and start coasting the "Charge" bar fills up. What is this for? What am I charging?
  18. kam09

    Dealers charge for rattles!

    I purchased an e350 coupe sport last weekend it's 61 plate and the last owner took out a T1 warranty which literally expired yesterday.. I rang the dealers (Nottingham inchcape) and they are saying they will charge me £114 to have the car for the day to check for rattles which I know is a common...
  19. Andrew W

    Amg E55k charge cooler pump

    Hi all before I buy a pump for the charge cooler Was wondering if anyone had one lying around surplus to requirements thanks Andy .
  20. Andrew W

    E55k charge cooler pump

    Well I phoned to so called merc specialist In Sheffield today and they don't want to entertain the fitting of the coolant pump !! I explained it wasn't a big job and could do it myself but thought I would give them the business, what gives ;(
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