1. nordicmatter

    C63 euro charged hand held remap

    As above used twice once to download and once to remove map when sold. Still loaded with the latest map for my old 14 plate c63 estate. £250. 07766164552 Mark
  2. BTB 500

    Foreigners to be charged for using German autobahns from next year ... I guess 10 euros isn't a big deal for a 10 day disc, it'll be a pain having to order one before you go though.
  3. R

    A day at euro charged uk

    Having had a flat spot in my mapping from previous maps from jerry, which I have not hastidely pursued, I bit the bullet, time wise and spent the day with Paul and Andy at euro charged uk in Watford yesterday. The guys spent a lot of their time loading various files and tweaking them, car was on...
  4. B

    Weistec Charged Ordered!

    As always cheers to Acid top fella!! :thumb: Weistec charger ordered for the SL55 AMG. Got an 82mm throttle body cheap from the Germany. Mercedes GL ML W164 X164 W221 W251 W216 W219 CL CLS Drosselklappe A2731410325 | eBay - 245 EURO plus 20 EURO delivery - 1 left! Few other bits likely...
  5. S

    New Bocsh battery on 60% Charged

    My new battery arrived today and after fitting and setting windows etc I decided to test it with my ring charger and it said it was only 60% charged, is this normal to have a new top quality £90 5 year guarantee battery arrive not fully charged ? Not sure whether I should ring Euro car Parts...
  6. F

    great modes for 180 200 or 230 Kompressor charged engines

    hello I had an account in MBclub 2 years ago but I have forgotten my pasword and so I created new one. I drive 63amg monster, however when I had small C200K I used pulley from this seller: Performance Kompressor pulleys Mercedes C, SLK, CLC, E, CLK Class, get +30 HP - Forums they...
  7. A

    Parents Charged with Murdering their 6 children

    They have just charged the parents with 6 counts of murder. I'm lost for words. Cannot understand this. WHY would they.
  8. N

    E220 CDI Battery currently 36% charged

    Guys Just had my battery checked(free winter check at ATS) and its come back with being 36% charged(the guy said to replace). I keep getting the battery convenience message now i know why. The thing is the battery is only 2 years old and im concerned that it might be the alternator not...
  9. grober

    The Big Man has been charged!

    This incident has been all over the Scottish news the last few days but perhaps has not spread further afield. A fable for our times I'm afraid. :( 'Big Man' who threw alleged fare dodger off train in hit internet video is charged with assault | Mail Online
  10. reggie musson

    Car service, are you charged for your motor to be cleaned when its not done ?

    Why when our motors are due for a service do we get charged for our cars to be washed and cleaned out, even if we ask the garage not to do this, as with mine, and many of your cars are allready in showroom condition, and don`t trust some young lad or lassie on work experence from school to take...
  11. zubear

    is a w211 e320cdi turbo charged

    hi there just wondering if a e320 cdi has turbo as i heard it has but no to sure. and what would i need to know if it has a turbo.
  12. C

    Hamilton officially charged over aussie gp burnout

    Lewis Hamilton has been officially charged for his 'over-exuberance' with the company C63 AMG before the Australian Grand Prix in March. Hamilton's Australian solicitor has been served with a summons, charging Lewis with intentionally losing control of a vehicle. Hamilton was stopped by the...
  13. flango

    Driver Charged for splashing School Kids

    As above story and Video HERE
  14. markheaney2

    turbo charged e300 diesel

    i have 2 e300 diesels one is a turbo one is not both are w210s can the turbos and all the parts be swopped are the engines identical except for the turbos and manifolds the one with the turbo feels like it has twice the power but is a very rusty car the non turbo is split mint i would love the...
  15. portzy

    Does commision charged at ATMs'......

    .......ever wind you up and make you wish you could get even? Look here. :D Portzy.
  16. glojo

    Man charged with murder and rape

    I am a passionate objector to the death penalty, but I am sickened by the behaviour of a human being that has just been charged with the rape and murder of a two year old baby. I fear we will all voice out contempt, but why, why? why has this person done this? I feel so upset for that poor...
  17. H

    Keeping Battery Charged

    I have a 55 plate E55 and am going away for 3 months does anyone know if these battery conditioners work without the ignition key in place ? I used have a Porsche and you just plugged it in closed the door and it did what it was to do. Thanks
  18. glojo

    Another Boxer charged with Dangerous Driving!

    ""Boxer's Driving Charge Updated: 04:09, Thursday September 21, 2006 Boxing star Amir Khan will appear in court today charged with dangerous driving. The 19-year-old denies hitting a pedestrian with his BMW in March, breaking the man's leg. Khan, who lives in Lostock, near Bolton, was arrested...
  19. M

    Have I been over charged?

    Hello everyone, got my B service done on my 1996 C180 this week and had to have all the brake pads and discs done, looking over the bill it looks rather high, I went to a garage that is a mercedes specialist. I rund up mercedes parts department and the parts were cheaper than he's charged me...
  20. A

    Super or Turbo Charged?

    Hi, Pls can someone let me know if a V220 V-class is either Super charged or Turbo charged? Some ppl say turbo others say super. Which is it and what is the difference pls? thanks Amolak V220 CDI 2000
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