1. J


    Hi i have a w164 2007 320cdi and its not charging but the battery light is not on. i removed it and gave it to an auto electrician he tested it and gave it a clean bill of health. anyone have the same problem or similar.:confused:
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    With no warning at all.- see my Sig image. All my 14 years worth of photos will need to be re-hosted. Countless threads on forums across the net will be ruined as it has millions of users Good work Photobucket :wallbash...
  3. C


    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
  4. BrianWSussex

    Battery Problem

    Stop start hasn't worked on my w204 september 2016 C250d for the last few weeks. On Sat Mercedes Me emailed me to say the battery needed charging or a 60 min drive which I did. Yesterday and today it barely turned over when starting. The car is used every day. Are there battery/charging...
  5. demetrios

    Alternative charging point?

    Hi guys, Merc has locked me out again, can gain access to interior with key unlock on passenger side but drivers door and boot won't unlock and battery is dead! Last time this happened a while back managed to get the Sparks onto somewhere in engine bay which gave enough juice for remote to...
  6. C

    E320 w211 charging relay

    Charging relay for e320 cdi w211, the one under the front wiper scuttle panel. Working condition as sold car. £20
  7. J

    W208 cant get in boot. Not even with charging point powered

    Hi All, Im hoping someone can help point me in the right direction with the boot that wont release on my X plate W208 clk 430 cab. Ive been a bit of an idiot. Ive had a dodgy battery for a few months (I dont drive it very often and no power in the garage to trickle charge it). Ive had to...
  8. 1

    R129 600 limp home after charging flat battery?

    I have a 1996 R129 SL600 and I wonder if anyone has experience of the following problem. The car was garaged for about 2 months the battery was totally flat, not even a warning lamp. I could not open the boot but manage to find the main power cable up in the drivers foot well (RHD car), I...
  9. D

    C350e charging system corrosion poll

    There have been so many reports of corroded cables in the charging system of the c350e, I wonder if we can get a feel for what proportion of us have had the problem...
  10. iRadiate

    C350e charging cable

    Hi. I've noticed on some of the pictures that people are uploading that their charging cables are coiled. Mine is straight and as it's quite thick takes a while to put away. How did those with coiled cables get coiled cables ? Did you specifically ask for them or is that simply what your car...
  11. S

    Advise, please - charging dead battery on CL600

    Hi everyone, 2003 Merc CL600 Biturbo I left it too long and the battery is really drained - not even the lights come on. Car won't unlock except with the metal key bit. I have a booster pack putting out 900 cranking amps and a Jag V8 with a good 100ah battery to jump start it with...
  12. nickpb

    Confusion over W204 Stop/Start battery charging

    So this is probably going to end up being a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. I have a 2012 W204 Estate with Start/Stop. Presumably this means that I have 2 batteries (i've only found the one in the boot at the moment - I can't see one under the bonnet yet). Anyhow, I am looking at getting a...
  13. Haven't a clue!

    DART charges - anyone experienced charging issues?

    Have a DART account minimally used for rare east M25 jaunts, recently advised it would be closed as in deficit. Checked and found both south/north charges allocated on 25th June, only I was down deepest southwest in another car that day! Called them today and queried in case there was a clone...
  14. B

    1997 R170 Charging issue

    As it was such a lovely day yesterday the SLK was taken out for its first real run of the year. As it's not used greatly (especially in the winter) I fairly regularly charge the battery which I last did about two/three weeks ago. "Senior Management" and I had a lovely drive in the country with...
  15. C

    Battery Charging

    Just how do you charge the battery in a modern Mercedes? Can you still use a battery charger or is there a new fangled gadget available?
  16. D

    Soon to be a c350e driver, with a bit of luck...

    Hi all, After ordering my C350e in early October, I've waited patiently while the initial deliver estimate of February passed, then the second estimate of April passed. I now approaching the third estimate of June, without a lot of confidence that the car will arrive. Looking on the bright...
  17. T

    Battery Charging Voltage

    A207 2010 with a battery sensor on the -ve terminal. Replaced battery as it was not holding charge and was the original. New battery and checked voltage engine off 12.4 and engine running 13.9 - 14.1. All good. With a volt meter in the power socket and whilst the voltage after start is 13.9 -...
  18. U

    W164 C-Tek charging

    Hi all, I've had a couple of instances where I am getting random warnings on the dash in my 2006 ML500. The first happened during lots of short runs where the seat heaters were on, rear screen etc and a week of short journeys. The second was in similar circumstances but slightly different...
  19. PXW

    EV charging points

    Looking for a bit of collective wisdom. I've been tasked with getting an EV charging point installed at the office - bit of green credentials, also we have quite a number of people whose journeys to and from work might be suitable in range terms, plus we are a European HQ building so it's...
  20. P

    Safe battery charging.

    Hi, I have W202 with an almost, but not completely flat battery. There's enough charge to power the locks and interior lights but not to start the engine. What I'd like to know is can I safely charge a maintenance free type sealed battery with an old fashioned, i.e non smart, 6 amp charger. The...
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