1. D

    C43 AMG Chit Chat

    C43 AMG The Early Day's Now had my C43 Estate for around 5 months and so far so good. Mr Crabbie is still on vacation but will probably return in late summer but I can live with that. Had my tyres checked to make sure all is well and the ContiCS5's are showing even wear and 5mm front, 6mm rear...
  2. 1

    my 1992 190e carat du chat, starts badly.

    hi I have 2 1992 mercs in great condition(no rust on or under either) a 190e carat du chat' and a 200t estate both have same 2 litre engine etc and both have same problem....when starting they fire on the button but run lumpy almost as if running on 2 cyl's,both normally pick up fine as soon...
  3. Godot

    The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand

    The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand With more than 82 million people texting regularly, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code! Commonly used wherever people get online -- including IMing, SMSing, cell phones, Blackberries, PDAs, Web sites, games, newsgroup...
  4. WLeg

    Facebook Chat

    Is it possible to either centrally block or log all messaages, whilst allowing users access to the main facebook site ?
  5. E

    Chat in 18 days yeeee haaa!

    Of to Luton guys & gals for 18 days of cyprus sun (40+):bannana: I hope you wont miss me too much:rolleyes: Bye for now. Evdok:D
  6. glojo

    Motor bike chit chat

    Into the lions den: 20th Century biking observations When we are laying on the tarmac, looking up at the clouds and trying to think how we got their; how many times do we hear motorists say, “I honestly didn’t see you guv!” I am now really going to put the cat among the pigeons and make a...
  7. Spinal

    What Chat Client?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for suggestions over what chat client to use... I've uses MSN Messeger/Windows Live messenger till now (and am quite happy); but I also need to connect to .Mac accounts (i.e. iChat people) which MSN doesn't do. There are a plethora of articles on the net on...
  8. glojo

    Formula 1 Chit chat

    The Alonso thread has got me thinking about Formula 1 but I do not like going off topic on that specific thread so decided to start a new one with hopefully lots of opinions, comments etc. To start the ball rolling What are the views about this years qualifying and engines? I...
  9. Sp!ke

    Binary Chat

    01001111 01001011 00101100 00100000 01001100 01100101 01110100 01110011 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01101001 01100110 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100011 01101000 01100001...
  10. Maff

    MB Club Chat Night...

    Hi All, Now we have the chat back, how about setting a time and date for a chat session, seeing as it's been awhile since we had a public chat? :) What do you recon? Regards, Matt.
  11. GrahamC230K

    Chat Room

    There has been a lot of activity today. There is a working chat room here if anybody wants it. EDIT: SEE Maff's post below.
  12. jimmy

    Chat Night?

    Seeing as there has been much light hearted banter toing and froing today, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the chat nights back? I used to look forward to Thursday nights.:p
  13. M

    No Chat ??

    Dropped into the chatroom - no-one around ?? Or are we waiting for everyone to get back from the pub ? :D Mark
  14. Koolvin

    Chat room!!!!!!!!!

    who's going to be in th echat room tonight? from 9pm
  15. Koolvin

    Chat at 9pm today...

    Who's up for it?
  16. GrahamC230K

    What happended to the chat?

    Are people still interested in the 9pm ish Thursday evening slot? I think having the link back would help, or is it just me who can't find it?
  17. M

    Chat Night

    Does anyone fancy setting up a regular chat night ? I often pop in to find myself alone, and I'm sure this must happen to others! As a suggestion - 9.0pm on a Thursday evening Any comments? Mark
  18. M

    Anyone else having problems with Chat ?

    For the last couple of days - If I click the chat link - the box opens but the login screen doent appear. Is this just me or is anyone else having problems ? Mark
  19. Koolvin


    LIVE CHAT TONIGHT at 9PM be there or buy a BMW
  20. Simon

    Chat room 'Happy Hour'

    I think the newly set-up chat room (thanks Koolvin) could be a source of considerable entertainment for us members. I would like to propose that a certain time each evening be agreed on as a good time to visit, i.e. when there’s someone there. Lets call it happy hour, and to start at 9pm...
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