1. Tan

    Chauffeur needed for an hour

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can possibly help me, my brother is getting married on the 4th of January in Central London and I potentially need to have my brother and his new bride collected from the hotel driven around London for about 30 minutes and then dropped off back at the hotel. The...
  2. npuk

    Chauffeur driven cars

    From past threads I think we have a few memebers who business is to provide chauffeur driven cars. Could any that are London based PM me as I would like to get a quote, or if anyone knows who thoses members are if they could let me know please so I can contact them. Thanks.
  3. O

    Keeping a silver chauffeur car clean

    HI, what process do people recommend for getting a silver E class sparkling and then more importantly keeping it sparkling without the use of the local hand car wash when its covering 1k miles plus a week as a chauffeur car ? its 3 yr old car and has never been detailed / washed properly...
  4. reflexboy

    Chauffeur in SW London needed

    It's my Mum's 80th birthday in July and I'm struggling to organize a car to collect my parents from Barnes, SW13 and take them to the Savoy in The Strand, London for my Mum's surprise 80th birthday lunch. I have contacted several local firms for quotes, for a smartly dressed driver/chauffeur in...
  5. I

    Chauffeur car choice?

    Hi. A friend of mine has an opportunity to join up with someone to run a chauffeur business. He's a Jag man normally but has decided he should probably get a Merc for the reliability. What do we think would be the best model for him? He is thinking something maybe 5 yrs old, classy but...
  6. S

    S Class suitability for chauffeur work

    I'm looking for feedback from S Class drivers here (221) who use their cars for chauffeur work. How do you find the running costs, comfort, boot space, Nav, etc copes with the job? TIA
  7. E

    Mercedes Chauffeur Driven

    Hi chaps, New to the forum! so a big hello! I am after a wedding car. I want a BRABUS S class but have only found one place which has one!!! wow. I am hoping someone can suggest anyother places that do cars of this standard! S55 S600 welcome. Also latest S600 with BiTurbo. Finding it...
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