1. poormansporsche

    Release your inner Chav !!!

    2001 MERCEDES ML55 AMG AUTO WHITE 5.4 V8 WITH LPG!! Cheap to run! 22"Alloys 4x4 | eBay I quite like it in a strange sort of way ! :)
  2. Alfie

    First sighting of a Chav flag on a Mercedes

    To my dismay, this morning I saw a Mercedes with one of those Chav flags protruding from a window. I'm all for patriotism but an England flag perched on a car is akin to drapping a flag from the bedroom window. Chavy. I think the driver was chewing chavving gum aswell. That or he had an...
  3. sidporsche

    Ebay E55 Chav special

    Mercedes Benz E-Class E55 AMG 5 Door Estate 5.4 V8 Petrol 1998 7 Seater | eBay:wallbash:
  4. artyman

    Chav behaviour

    YouTube - ‪1000bhp Turqoise 599 goes crazy around London!‬‏
  5. Swozza

    Am I Chav

    Yesterday while exiting my car at a Morrison car park I over heard a young lady call be a Chav :eek:. Obliviously she said it under her breath and didn't want me to hear it, but I did and she certainly didn't expect me to rise to it. I did......:mad:. "Excuse me did you just call me a Chav!"...
  6. swannymere

    Chav youth scum or.....

    So last night i'm filling up the van with diesel at a nearby small town when 3 yoofs approach looking like they're out for trouble and acting like muppets. Not bothered myself as i'm a 'big unit' and can handle myself but i noticed a couple of the other customers looking 'on edge' especially as...
  7. I

    CHAV PLATES. Very Amusing!

    This may be around the site somewhere, but I can't find it. Apologies if it is. www.ChavPlates | Template If the c(r)ap fits. Tremendous Fun! Cheers, Paul
  8. Godot

    To Warm the Cockles of Your Heart, Mouthy Chav Taunts ex Soldier One blow, struck for everyone of us!:thumb::bannana: Don't normally refer to the Sun for anything..but here I make an exception. Buy that man a drink.:p TTR=News See the...
  9. Dieselman

    The ideal car for Chav's

    The to be the ideal car for all Chav's and Chavette's..
  10. anarchy-inc

    CHAV car -German style

    Two weeks ago we traveled to Chemnitz in Germany for a gig with the band and walking down the street I spied this hunk of junk . . . Yuk is an understatement.
  11. B

    Chav site suggestions?

    At one time somebody had a link to a site with quite a few pictures of Chav's and their 'Motah's'. Could anybody direct me to that or an equivalent. Much apprecaited, thank you.
  12. big x

    NEET's and CHAV's

    From an American perspective.. adam
  13. Dieselman

    Chav jokes pinched from elsewhere.

    A couple of these are slightly crude. Those of a nervous disposition look away now. Q. What's the difference between a chav and a coconut? A. One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut. Q. Two chavs jump off a cliff, who wins? A. Society. Q. What does a chav girl use as...
  14. Howard

    New chav exhaust trim on the market

  15. 5

    chav 500e WHY WHY

  16. BaldGuy

    Happy Chav Crimbo....

    There's this bird called Mary, yeah? She's a virgin (wossat then?)She's not married or nuffink, but she's got this boyfriend, Joe, innit? He does joinery an' that. Mary lives with him in a crib dahn Nazaref. One day Mary meets this bloke Gabriel. She's like `Ooo ya lookin at?' Gabriel just...
  17. anarchy-inc

    Chav upgrade for your Merc!
  18. Thmsshaun

    Comedy CHAV Website
  19. pammy

    Chav wedding

    I have the most unbelievable pic's of a chav wedding. It's in the format of a powerpoint show so I can't post it here. If anyone would like it - send me an e-mail and I'll send it back by return - but they have to be seen to be believed. I just hope it wasn't a real wedding - but sadly I think...
  20. Thmsshaun

    The Chav Test

    Chav Quiz Aparently Im 15% Chav :D
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