1. N

    Cheaper to park an Airbus A320 than a car for 15 mins.

    Funny old world. Plane parking cheaper than drop-off zone at Edinburgh Airport - BBC News
  2. D

    Recommended exhaust shops for cheaper cars - ATS, F1 autocentre etc

    Hi All The exhaust on our old budget Yaris seems to have developed a fault as its now very noisy, can anyone recommend any decent places to get it sorted? Locally we have the usual F1 autocentre, Kwik fit, ATS and the halfords autocentre, any good experiences or recommendations out of the...
  3. J

    Cheaper V belt 'mare

    Just thought I would mention this case it helps anyone :0 I ordered a Meyle V-ribbed drive belt for my Om 642 v6 engine (ebay) It had never been changed , when I swapped it over it just squealed and slipped . Thought I might have routed it wrong ,but hadn't, such an **** of a job...
  4. The _Don

    Sky Q is now cheaper than it's ever been before

    Fyi -
  5. crockers

    Cheaper fuel..

    Had this email through.....thought it may be of interest. Premium Diesel - Only 99.9p/litre guaranteed until 24/12/15 at Costco Bristol, Liverpool & Oldham
  6. zaen1

    gsf sending out cheaper parts

    Hi,has anyone else had problems ordering from gsf on here, over the weekend i ordered Brembo rear brake discs for c43 amg,today i received Ate, doubled checked on their website and they dont even sell Ate rear discs for a c43 only Brembo but their part number for the Brembo,s is the same as the...
  7. BTB 500

    Tyres with higher speed rating are cheaper?!

    Been looking at new tyres for the Vito. Slightly puzzled why 225/55 R17 101H seem to cost significantly more than 225/55 R17 101V e.g. Continental Vanco - 225-55-17-H - etyres Continental Vanco - 225-55-17-V - etyres Same tyre make, model, size & load rating. It's not just an oddity at...
  8. travelininstyle

    Insurance cheaper on new car quote ?

    Hello all, I am collecting my new c - class coupe on Sunday and have taken advantage of the 7 day free 'First Cover' - however,when I entered the car reg details onto a insurance comparison site,it came up about £90.00 cheaper than my current insurance - so am I better off cancelling my...
  9. S

    Is insurance getting cheaper?

    Renewal time for our cars - 2012 C63 estate for me and 2013 Mini for the other half. Mini is with Esure and it was £133 fully comp - the least I've ever paid in my life I think! C63 came in at £288 including business use with Churchill. Pleasantly surprised is a bit of an understatement! Yes...
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Advanced driving course pass: cheaper insurance?

    I took this course a long time ago and failed it on a technicality, which unfortunately was an important fault, so the instructor had to fail me. Does anyone here know if passing this test leads to (significantly) cheaper insurance?
  11. P

    Becker map pilot - cheaper subs...

    The Becker map pilot is being offered for 99 euros for a two year subscription at the moment. Dunno what that is in proper english money, yet, but it is definitely cheaper. The offer lasts until 12th August. BTW I have improved MY map pilot by turning off the opportunity for the thing to...
  12. slippy

    1998 SLK anywhere for cheaper trim parts??

    Hi chaps, I am about to book my little SLK in for some paintwork at a local bodyshop but when it goes in I would like a few bits renewing if I can find them cheaply enough, I don't need them but it would look better with new bits. The door handle gaskets & the plastic trim that sits between the...
  13. c_200k

    Can someone explain how a BBK is cheaper than a set of OEM discs

    OEM front discs are around £1200 ish and a full BBK is cheaper Mercedes Benz E-Class E63 AMG W211 (04~up) Front Big Brake Kit - E-Class - Mercedes Benz - Brake Kits i'm confused
  14. D

    Cheaper tyres

    The S210 is in need of front tyres. It's easy to be snobby about tyres, and the one's it had on when I bought it are certainly of the cheaper variety. I've found a Michaelin Primacy 3 at £133.40 each. But Kwik Fit's own tyre the Marangoni Verso comes in at £85.80 each. Nearly £50 a corner...
  15. ioweddie

    Morisons much cheaper diesel than Tescos

    Anyone noticed Morisons at least 5p per litre cheaper that Tescos on diesel fuel at the moment!!!:lol:
  16. EastExpert

    Navigation 20 map - Cheaper

    I bought out my car after the Agility contract came to its end, so I wanted to update my maps. I am using Navigation 20 with my W204 '09 C180K Estate. 1) Asked my dealership about the latest map update and they came up with £245 quote. Way too expensive for a menial, not so ground-shattering...
  17. C

    Has it ever been cheaper to drive a Mercedes?

    I saw an advert in City A.M this morning for the all new Focus Titanium X on a lease deal for £260/ month over 35 months + a £6000 advance rental payment. I believe a lease deal means you cant own the car at the end. It didnt give the engine size but its probably a 2 Litre diesel. It comes with...
  18. reggie musson

    £225 for a spare key, there must be a cheaper way

    I only have the one key for my 2004 CLK and would like a spare to be on the safe side, but at Mercedes want £225.....ouch I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative as I understand any key can be programmed to any mercedes of the same mark. So I was wondering if I could source a used...

    Cheaper tyres,including winter tyres

    According to the newspaper advertisement, Kwikfit have a special offer.... 25% off ALL TYRES, including winter tyres.
  20. P

    cheaper v power diesel

    has anyone noticed v power diesel is only 5p dearer than normal diesel, it used to be 8p i'm sure?
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