1. JustIgnore

    Cheapest E55 in UK...

    .. but highest mileage? 2003 Mercedes-Benz 5.4 auto E55 AMG SAT NAV | eBay I know the engines are bullet proof, what do you think?
  2. N

    Cheapest way to get Google maps on my 2015 C Class Mercedes

    Does anyone know a way to get Google maps on my 2015 C Class Mercedes screen? Looking for the cheapest way of doing this. Any help appreciated.
  3. gr1nch

    Cheapest petrol or diesel in the past year or so?

    How about you? Apart from Luxembourg petrol stations all having the same low price by law, the lowest was at a Germany motorway service station on the way back from a wedding in Hungary last year. It had two petrol stations, one free-standing and €1.15/litre for diesel, the other part of a...
  4. Rosso1

    Cheapest tracker for you car, worth a look

    Guys i can help you save hundreds of pounds on a tracker system. No catches take a look...
  5. J

    Cheapest place for Ml W163 320 exhaust system

    Hi guys, the exhaust system on my ml w163 320 is now past its best. Wheres cheapest place for a replacement? Mercedes will no doubt be crazy money, and im waiting on a quote for a stainless system was just seeing if anybody knew a another option? Thanks James
  6. ringway

    Probably the cheapest E350 Estate in the UK.

    A real bargain. Includes AA breakdown cover for a year. ;) LINK.
  7. C

    Cheapest way to tax a car for 1 month? Advice please

    Car goes back towards end of October. Just got my reminder for car tax renewal end of September. Am I best to just pay by direct debit and cancel after first payment? Or tax for whole year and get refund? Many thanks in advance
  8. D

    used c63 amg cheapest way to buy and where from

    Hi guys and girls! New on here,be gentle!At the moment drive 350z slightly modified,but after 2.5 years of ownership looking to upgrade to more powerful machine (c63 amg). I think I will have £7.5k when sell my 350z and probably another £5k on top( savings). Where is the best place to...
  9. V

    Cheapest place for 235/35/19 michelin supers ports?

    £286 on oponeo £287.19 on Camskill Any cheaper websites?
  10. DanMorgan

    Cheapest Place to Buy Genuine Gearbox Oil?

    Where are most people getting their gearbox oil from? Price vary quite a bit and I think for my W124 im going to need around 8 Litres of the stuff. Also, just so I can double check, what oil are people using for a W124 300CE?
  11. D

    what is the cheapest recovery acct can used to cover all cars to mechanic or home

    using paid expenses or bank accounts like natwest or anywhere else pls we all can use this as a method, as insurance brokers and companies are no longer offering complimentary roadside assitance which can be used on other cars any pointers hint will be gratefully received
  12. B

    Cheapest SLS..

    Seems cheap considering recent pricing.. 2010 MERCEDES-BENZ SLS 63 AMG AUTO BLACK | eBay
  13. Timster

    Cheapest Car ....

    Hi. As a money saving exercise with child no. 2 on the way we're looking at trading my wifes 10 yr old 1.6 Focus for something cheap. The focus is averaging 35 mpg and always seems to be going wrong since turning 100k in the summer. The plan is to use the focus as a deposit and lease...
  14. Conquistador

    Neglected RR Phantom... Cheapest ever??

  15. A

    What's the cheapest CLS Lease Deal?

    I am considering leasing a CLS 350 CDI shooting brake, I have already leased my wife's SLK 250 CDI which was £38K list and we pay £248/mth plus VAT for a 10,000mile 24 mths deal. The reason I ask is that the above SLK deal was not advertised and had to be negotiated by pointing out the MB...
  16. ScottBacon

    Cheapest Merc leasing ??

    Dear All I am currently looking for a Merc lease for my sister-in-law. She is looking for C Class Coupe CDi or SLK CDi for a two/three year lease. I have found a company called Frontier Vehicle Leasing and they seem pretty competitive. Anyone else spotted any good deals out there ?? Cheers
  17. S

    Cheapest Mercedes Dealer In The Country

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Drive Flange for my ML from Mercedes, Newcastle upon Tyne. Today I had a phone call from them asking if I could check, as it appears they did not put my card through for the payment:D So my flange is fitted and it cost nothing, how cheap is that. Suppose I...
  18. Palfrem

    Cheapest ML ever?

    Approved Used 2008 MERCEDES-BENZ ML320 CDI for sale
  19. M

    Cheapest place to buy heater control panel

    Wheres the cheapest place to purchase a heater control panel for a 1995 C180 I have given up on the old one Many Thanks
  20. Murff

    Cheapest Car Parts

    Hi, Just for info I've found a hell of a lot cheaper than Eurocarparts, even with the MBCLUB25 discount code added. I've done an comparison for the exact same parts for glow plugs, brake discs and pads and carpart4less has always came out cheaper. They offer free UK...
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