1. D

    e500 w124 project going cheapish

    Mercedes benz 500E | eBay
  2. jonnyboy

    cheapish dateless registration?

    As per title, anyone got one they don't want?
  3. M

    Cheapish AMG alloys for 124 anyone

  4. poormansporsche

    Cheapish C36 wanted :)

    Preferably in the South East for no more than 2.5k Anyone thinking of selling ? Cheers Brett
  5. H

    W211 E220, 270, or 320. Wanted or cheapish E55

    As you can probably tell im looking for something economic compared to what i am currently driving to give me a chance to save up for the car im after. I am looking at getting a E220 270 or 320 deisel and then hopefully about march time getting a E55 AMG. You can see my cars that i have that i...
  6. A

    cheapish double din CD to replace audio 10

    Hello Currently my car has an Audio 10 and also the old style nokia phone on a curly lead in the arm rest. It seems to stay with OEM mercedes bit the bluetooth phone bit alone is about £120 and to play my iphone through the speakers god knows what elese I need £$£$£$£$...... So I...
  7. poormansporsche

    Any Cheapish Direct fit Chrome Tipped backboxes for C280 W202 ?

    alright peeps, like it says really, got a prefacelift 280 and just after something a bit cosmetically nicer without causing too much noise. Is there anything about that pretty much bolts straight on without costing the earth ??? Not bothered about changing hangers but dont want to bother...
  8. mickl

    cheapish C36

    1995 MERCEDES C36 AMG AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 28-Mar-10 10:33:45 BST) shame there's no pics of the interior
  9. A

    Cheap..ish C55 in red.... Sorry I'm randomly surfing tonight but what a car for boring box money :)
  10. Carrotchomper

    S320 CDi- Cheap-ish, looks nice but...

    Is that suspension at the back a wee bit low? Not sure if it's a feature of airmatic, or if it's fooked! Linkathon
  11. K

    C36 ignition leads, where to get them.. cheapish?:)

    :rolleyes: Hi there, I've got a '97 C36 and I need to get hold of a lead set? I phoned mercedes today, £167 plus vat!!!!! They make the leads in house, seems a bit irregular to me I need the three leads, can these be bought individually from bosch if i measure them up first. Then buy the 6...
  12. M

    CLK430 good spec cheapish

    Found this after trawling though of Sean. Seems like a reasonable price so far? Mac.
  13. mickl

    cheapish C32 but those alloys :(
  14. mickl

    cheapish W210 E430 was this model ever available with the panoramic glass roof? The pics looks like it doesn't have one.
  15. KLP 92

    Cheapish SL60 AMG

    Not on ebay, but cheap never the less: http://www.**********.com/popup.cfm?p_n=223480&p_i=223480 Its been on Merc Enthusiast and Ebay before but at £14k make him an offer.....
  16. jimmy

    Cheap(ish) DVD Players

    Has anybody bought a budget DVD player lately? I am after 12, yes twelve budget DVD players none of the 'Superstores' want to do a deal, any ideas?
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