1. G

    W124 Wheel fittament:- checked sticky, PLEASE ADVISE?

    Hi there chaps, I'm looking at buying some OZ Carlsson 3/6 wheels for my w124 coupe e220. The fronts are et35 which correlates to the et in the sticky link. But the rears don't match up. In the link its says et28 and the ones I'm looking at buying are et43 for the rears. Here are the exact...
  2. M

    CLK W209 Alloys/ Tyre Fitment Question (checked sticky)

    Hi all, Having checked various parts of the site and links I havent been able to find out 100% Essentially looking to upgrade to 18", they are 5x112 & ET35 but the rear alloys are 9J hence wondering if they would fit as I believe 8.5J is widest? Also, if they can go on what would be the best...
  3. oshea

    merc 20in alloys x4 ( maybe 5 as not checked boot )

    Hi all.selling my alloys of sl300. I no there 20in rims ( could prob do with refurbing ) and low profile and damn wide and have decent tyres on. When i go up to it in morning i will get exact tyre sizes. Only reason i am selling is i need the cash to fund some spare parts for her and been...
  4. P

    Checked out some W204

    I finally persuaded my mate to take a look at some mercs yesterday and i have to say we were thoroughly disappointed with the W204.. Really cheap plastic feel to the cabin :( My mate ended up look at some beemers and i have to say the cabin seem to look and feel better than the mercs :( I...
  5. S

    Anyone checked inlet temp on a C230 Kompressor?

    As title really. Im guessing no, but wondered before I go and do it, saving me a job. The way the car drives feels to me like on cars when the intercooler is struggling, but its a fair size and the boost is v.low, so kinda surprised if it is, and the odd shape pipework makes an upgrade not a...
  6. Matt32AMG

    Get your car checked before it's to late

    Well as I was cleaning my car this last weekend gone, I elected to take all four wheels off in turn and give them a thorough clean and polish inside and out. Being I had the wheels refurbed about 18 months ago It made sense anyway to take them off and give them a good inspection for any...
  7. P

    Have u checked if your car needs a recall action

    Hi all, I recently got a recall letter for my other car not a Mercedes and it got me thinking to check all my cars for recalls on VOSA on my 2001 Mercedes Benz s320l (that i have only owned since aug 09) it told me a brake issue r2008/020 i contacted MB milton keynes and asked them to check if...
  8. J

    Getting my 1995 C180 W202 checked over mechanically

    Basically I've had a good quote from a bodyshop on a restoration job for the above, which I bought three weeks ago. The car runs absolutely fine and to my untrained eye everything looks fine, but before spending money on it I want to be sure there isn't something obvious that will give me...
  9. PJH

    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    When ANPR checks a vehicle registration, what exactly get checked ? Presumably insurance & MOT. But does it check if the registered keeper is a Full Licence Holder ? Does it check if the licence type is correct ? ie all the extra codes. Would it detect the vehicle has manual...
  10. Donza

    Checked with Assyst, no Valeo radiator in my 2003

    I thought all if not most 2003 W211's came with the Valeo Rad? Once i have picked up the car from the dealer after paying in full, i'll take a look to make sure. Assyst did a quick VIN check on my new (used) car, and the tech guy told me no.
  11. Ian B Walker

    Have you checked your gearbox latley?

    I took this oil out of a W208 gearbox today as it had a problem. Sadly neglected. Cost? new gearbox :crazy: The pic is a little small however you may just be able to see streaks in it which I assume are parts of the innards.
  12. pluggers

    Glad I checked my brakes today

    It just goes to show if you suspect something wrong then there probably is !!:eek: Whilst on holiday my front brakes were sort of grinding a bit when pulling up at junctions or just in slow traffic,Fine at all other times and stopped me without problems.Just the annoying grinding noise was...
  13. B

    warranty about to expire in 6 months for my W202, what should I have checked out?

    The warranty on my W202 is about to expire in roughly 6 months. I have maintained this vehicle regularly. A/B services, plus synthetic oil changes in-between at every 3000 to 4000-mile intervals. The vehicle drives quite nicely and I do not detect anything out of the ordinary in the...
  14. D

    Anyone checked out the MBOA site recently ?

    Seems the MBOA boys have adopted a new look. Looks strange and lacks any form of Mercedes logo etc.
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