1. MD5

    Tax disc checker anomaly Now that tax discs are becoming obsolete, I can imagine lots of people checking cars out for a pastime. I checked one of mine, using the link above, to save me a trip to the garage or having to ask you lot to see when the tax ran out!! Of the two...
  2. cinek

    Vehicle checker

    Useful tool
  3. E270 Owner

    Wheel & Tyre cross compatibility checker

    Wheel - PCD, Offset, Center Bore, mounting and tire size data This site also has a handy iphone app for those of us that work mobile. Apologies if it been posted before.
  4. F

    Vin checker says my vin doesn't exist

    Just been using a few of those online vin checkers to see the spec of my car and its saying my vin doesn't exist, I've double checked it on the v5 and the drivers door sticker and its correct? Anyone know how to find out my cars specs via the vin number and should I be worried about it not...
  5. jonnyboy

    vin checker? russian site down

    Hi all Anyone know if there is a different vin checker site to the russian one as it has a message saying checks not available now? Thanks
  6. Sp!ke

    Another EPC online + Parts price checker

    This time a Polish Mercedes site. The EPC Link is on this page on the left. As is a VIN checker. Once you get the part number from the EPC, Click HERE to get the RRP.
  7. robert.saunders

    Faster Payments Sort Code Checker Faster Payments is the first new payments service to be introduced in the UK for more than 20 years. For the very first time phone, internet and standing order payments can move within a few hours - almost at the touch of a button. The...
  8. K

    Petrol Price Checker

    I sure most if not all of you have used this site,but just in case someone out there haven't try this site.
  9. PaulE230

    Just did a vin code checker on my 1996 w210

    not sure if there standard or all options Transmission722600 00 109690TyresPrimaryDUNLOPOrder0 6 537 27894LightsHELLACab00000Delivery date05.09.96DealerGreat Britain (537) Interior(cloth) fabric gray / slate gray / orion gray / alpaca gray (408) Paint744brilliant silver metallic (с...
  10. jaymanek

    word spell checker

    arrgghhh... i fell very stupid in asking this but here goes.. the spell checker keeps reverting to the US dictionary.. i set it to UK but after aminute it reverts back! Where can i change it for good? "Help" isnt helping! p.s. this is the latest version of word...
  11. C

    merc vin code checker

    not sure if you got this one over here so here is another gem from
  12. Laters

    Hard Drive Checker

    Does anyone know of a good shareware or free ware hard drive checker? After a rather nasty incident today my pc decided it wanted to live on the floor instead of the table :mad: . I got a 22inch monitor the other day and it looks like my poor old computer table couldn't stand all the weight...
  13. jaymanek

    MB part checker website?

    Hi Guys, I cant find that link to the website which tells you wheter a part is in stock at germany and its price in euros. Im sure it was in my favourites! Did a search, but cant find... Cheers Jay
  14. Simon

    Your old car checker

    Sam posted this the other day. I'm adding it as a favorite. Check your old vehicles here
  15. Simon

    VIN Checker

    This is a moderately interesting site where you can type in your VIN number and find out a little bit more about your car. VIN Checker Does anyone know of a better one?
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