1. M

    Cheeky I know, but.. don't ask, you don't get I'm new to the forum, as I have a VW T3 Camper and am after fitting the AMG Monoblock (Style II?) wheels to my van. The PCD at 5 x 112 is right and as long as the ET is 30-40 they should fit without too much trouble. Found you guys out as people who know what...
  2. C -cheeky monkey so&sos!

    Saw their advert of ITV last night and so looked on their site ( we are chopping out the wifes Zafira shortly so wanted an idea of current trade in values) and out of curiosity I put in the details of my lovely E55, and the cheeky sods valued it at £3080! Good job Im not thinking of selling...
  3. Gucci

    Retro car project (with cheeky apology to Mark300SL)

    Firstly, apologies to Mark300SL for pinching your pic as reference - hope you don't mind?! :eek: BUT, I love the style of these cars. What are they and what reckon to having one made up with reliable running gear and some bespoke interior touches? Costly to do?
  4. Gucci

    Shhhh....I'm on honeymoon...a cheeky log in...shhhh

    :eek: ..she'll go mental if she catches me! Antigua is stunning...just looking out of my beach cottage out to sea :D 32 degrees..been in the pool all day..shhhhh
  5. buccal

    Cheeky offers......

    With all the current doom and gloom in the news, petrol prices, and continued slide in used car (esp V8 AMG) values, i was wondering how low can you go when making a cheeky offer? (Ideally without getting a slap!) what do you reckon 5%, 10%?, 15%+ on a sticker price?
  6. Natalie

    Cheeky little cat!

    Hello, Now this is a little sad :( but could end up being a happy story :) We have a two black and white cats, one called Bertie who is 3 and one called Mog who is just 1. Bertie was acquired from the Cat Protection League two years ago and is very placid and homely. After dropping off...
  7. Mambo

    Cheeky Barstools

    Got my renewal quote from my insurer (Elephant) in the post this morning, £1378. A little pricey I think you will agree, so on the advice of a co worker I went on to their web page and tried entering my details as a new customer. 5 mins later I had it down to £780 :crazy: Gave customer...
  8. Howard

    Cheeky Boy

    Auctioning off the chance to jump the waiting list for an SLK 55 .......
  9. Howard


    This guy has got three of these badges, but only selling one, he 'might' be able to make the others available for the right price ...... :rolleyes: seems a bit steep to me, either sell a pair or not at...
  10. P

    Cheeky Broadband question

    Just noticing how many IT attend this site, here's one you may be able to help me with. A client needs 4 positions within their house to connect to broadband. Assuming BT place there equipment at the front door, what cabling would we need to run between each point and type of connection...
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