1. 8

    Any one after a cheep cosworth 190

    Any one after a cheep cosworth 190 1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 GOLD | eBay Seems very cheep what does the panel think
  2. gmanrangers

    cheep e55 for someone

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  3. 8

    G Wagon Looks cheep

    G wagon needs wheels and a tidy up eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Ends soon
  4. 8

    Cheep C36 Looks like a good fix her uppa

  5. nick.ged


    E36 AMG MERCEDES not m3 subaru evo m5 e55 c36 c42 | eBay UK
  6. nick.ged

    cheep evo wheels

    original Mercedes EVO Alufelgen W124 E500 W201 on eBay (end time 01-Mar-11 20:48:21 GMT)
  7. nick.ged

    turbo technics intercooler, cheep

    Mercedes W124 Twin Turbo Technics intercooler! on eBay (end time 04-Sep-10 17:09:11 BST)
  8. nick.ged

    nice 190 2.6 cheep (not running?)

    1990 MERCEDES 190E 2.6 Manual Sportline + Factory AMG on eBay (end time 22-Jun-10 20:09:43 BST)
  9. jimti

    Tuning on the cheep :-)

    make your car sound like a muscle car Video: SoundRacer V8 turns your boring family car into a fire-breather
  10. nick.ged

    more 300 12v turbo parts; cheep

    W124 AMG 300 24v Turbo Technics Kit (ECU injectors etc) on eBay (end time 31-Jan-10 03:07:08 GMT)
  11. S

    Compitition Audio Equipment going cheep (needs to go as wont fit in merc)

    im getting rid of my 2x12" SVC Xions £150 each (£250 each new) my PX165 Components £120(£299 new) both my amps Audio System Twister F2-300 (series 3)£160(£280 new) Audio System Twister F4-380 (Series 3) £160(£280 new) head unit Pioneer AVH-5700DVD £300 (£899 i paid new i know its cheeper now)...
  12. KNU7S

    Anyone Got A Cheep A Class???

    Hi There I Am Looking For A Cheep A Class For My Wife, Upto £3000 Ish If It Needs Work Not A Problem, Must Be A Usable Car!!!!! Thanks Tim
  13. P

    Need a very cheep running car any thoughts?

    Hi, following the demise of my SL I am going to be stuck without a car for a few months, till the new one comes. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find a very cheep runner to use for a few months ? Best regards, Peter
  14. High-Lo

    Is this CLK230K Cheep?

    CLK230K ending soon on eBay. Its under £10k in price and under 60k miles. Is it cheep? :) eBay Link
  15. L

    HELP in car audio needed cheep or free

    Hi all As most will know I have had to part with my C CLass but before I do I want to remove the Alpine stereo that I put in, so I am after the cheapest poss unit to fill the hole. I dont even care if it works as it is going to a dealer not a private sale. PLEASE HELP!!!! Cheers Mark
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