1. merc85

    Mercedes Benz Waterhouse Chelmsford

    Mercedes Benz Waterhouse Chelmsford Work: Supply and fit 4x New Brake flexi hoses and Nsr Caliper Massive thanks to Mercedes Benz Waterhouse Chelmsford for sorting out my 4x New brake flexi's and New Rear caliper. Up most care taken with my car, Awesome work at a cracking price, Big thanks...
  2. M


    Spent the day in Chelmsford, Essex yesterday while my car was being pampered (see the Detailing thread for, erm, details). Having dropped the car off, I walked to the town centre, arriving just as the market traders were setting up stall. All seemed to be offering high quality merchandise...
  3. G

    Waterhouse Chelmsford

    Nearly forgot to mention these guys which would be a shame. Had the first A service on my SL the other day for £199 all in, including an A-Class hire car. I was quoted £325 all in by Lancaster Mercedes (plus £26 plus vat hire car charge :mad: ) for exactly the same service, £355.55 in total...
  4. D

    A12 Chelmsford 30/11/04 1pm ish

    A12 Chelmsford 30/10/04 1pm ish Mr Plod had hidden his car at the far end of a line of cars in a layby. He was resting his handheld detector on the roof of his vehicle while everybody zips by. I spotted him (rather his car) from 100mtr + and took my foot off the accelerator - no sharp braking...
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