1. markjay

    'Chemical incident' in London City Airport

    London City Airport evacuated in 'chemical' scare - BBC News The big question.... accident, or terror-related?
  2. reflexboy

    Chemical Guys 'Black'

    Has anyone used this? I need to know it's the dogs danglies before I part with £70:
  3. MDC250

    Chemical Guys Jetseal 109

    Bit of help/advice from anybody who has used this before please... 1. Before I put it on my wheels, safe to put on diamond cut AMG alloys? Ordered CG Wheelguard but was sent Jetseal as substitute; 2. Blurb says can go onto glass. Sensible to put on headlights (xenons)? 3. Likewise would you put...
  4. F

    Chemical Guys

    Looking at detailing products on the chemical guys side of things ive come across the foam washes. Has anyone tried those , if the bumf on the website is to be believed thats all that needs to be done. Quick spray with the lance with the foam in it and then wash off the car? Sounds too...
  5. scotth_uk

    Chemical Brothers tomorrow night

    Anyone fancy a ticket for Chemical Brothers for tomorrow night in Brixton?
  6. Howard

    Chemical Brothers.....

    Has anyone seen the video for the Chemical Brothers new song ' Something to Believe In ' - its on the main music channels at the moment, and i spend far too much time with them on ... Basically for those who havent its about a guy who is working on a car assembly line controlling the robots...
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