1. S

    Merc virgin about to pop his cherry.

    Hi all. I've recently been itching to experience a bit of luxury and comfort when I'm driving. I'm a self employed plasterer and am stuck in my Caddy Maxi everyday so I've decided that I want a Mercedes to brighten up my weekend driving. I'm keen on the older cars and have found a 1999, 90k mile...
  2. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 cherry red leather interior VERY RARE

    mercedes w124 cherry red leather interior VERY RARE | eBay UK
  3. mark.t

    nissan cherry

    Driving down to the sister in laws one sunny afternoon m6 south bound traffic mediun flowing ok doing about 70/80 middle lane, me, my son, my mother in law, my wife, all enjoying the trip, It passed me at about 100mph light blue b reg nissin cherry, it was about 50mts infront of me when i...
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