1. ringway

    Thank You to Nick Webster Mercedes Specialist Poynton Cheshire.

    I would like to thank Nick Webster Mercedes Specialist in Poynton Cheshire for their superb work, honesty, fairness and outstanding customer service. LINK. My S210 wouldn't start a couple of days ago. I had been getting a whiff of diesel near the front of the car and having replaced the high...
  2. D

    Cheshire Owner

    Having bought the media lead, it doesn't work. Comandonline have suggested that I try it in someone else's car. So this is a shout out to any owners in Cheshire who would be willing to try the media interface lead for me.
  3. D

    Remap Wirral / Cheshire

    Can anybody recommend a remap company for my wife's W209 CLK200 registered 2006, bought new but only 32K on clock Just spent 2 days driving around mid Wales - 410 miles - she felt a real old lady - any help appreciated
  4. Mab66

    Mark from Cheshire

    Hi all just saying hello new to this site am a lucky owner of a R129.
  5. J

    Merc Specialist Widnes, Cheshire, North West

    May I recommend Dave's service at Elite Autofix Widnes Cheshire 0151 424 9080. He was recommended to me by a Mercedes enthusiast as a Merc Specialist and MOT centre. If you are based in the North West like me he is handy for Widnes, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside and Lancashire. Situated...
  6. ringway

    Nick Webster Mercedes Cheshire.

    Having used this garage for servicing and repairs over the past few years, I thought they deserved a mention on MB Club. I used them again earlier this week and the works were carried out to a great standard and the price was very good indeed. Highly recommended. :thumb: LINK.
  7. fab1975

    Any reccomended auto electrician in South Manchester / Cheshire for a dash cam job?

    Hi there, after days of failed attempts at fitting a dash camera in my new C300 Hybrid, I decided to throw the towel and get the job done by a specialist. I did manage to hard wire a couple of dashboard cameras on two other cars, including my previous one, a 2010 Audi A4, but I did not manage...
  8. M

    Hi from Cheshire!

    Hi, Matt from Cheshire. Had a W210 Mercedes E240 a while back and sold it. Regretted it badly and recently bought a W210 Mercedes E200k Kompressor. Looks black in pic but is actually Tanzanite Blue (really dark blue) Nice to meet you all, Matt

    Hi from cheshire new with w140 :)

    Hi every one new to the site from Cheshire bk in Mercedes Ownership after a few years with a 1998 S 500 W140 MORE PICS TO FOLLOW
  10. fab1975

    The ultimate Mercedes purchase experience: how to lose a deal.

    Hi guys, I had never bought a Mercedes before, but I found my experience so unusual that I want to share it with you. At the end of last summer I went to a main dealer in Cheshire to see the new C Class and to be honest I had a bit of a false start. In fact, despite my request, one of...
  11. B

    Season's Greetings! (New Member, Cheshire)

    Hi folks, I've just taken the plunge for a W212 E350 CDi BluEfficiency Avantgarde from an MB main dealer. I'm made up with the deal and am confident the car will prove to be a goodun. I've come from just shy of 6 years and 100k miles in a VW Passat 3.2 V6 4-Motion SEL estate. A rare Q-car...
  12. The _Don

    MB sends new £25k car 189 meters down a Cheshire salt mine to prove it has true grit
  13. C

    New Owner From Cheshire

    Picking up a 2006 C320cdi this weekend. Very excited, like a kid at Christmas. :bannana:
  14. M

    Calling W123 Owners in Manchester / Cheshire

    Hello to you all, and thank you for reading. My husband to be is a W123 fan and has owned 2 in the past. We are getting married next May and would love to arrange a surprise for the day. A W123 to collect him and his best man and take in to the church. I cannot find any companies in Cheshire or...
  15. M

    W123 Owners in Cheshire: Help Needed

    Good Morning to you all. My husband to be is a W123 fan and has owned 2 in the past. We are getting married next May and would love to arrange a surprise for the day. A W123 to collect him and his best man and take in to the church. I cannot find any companies in Cheshire or Manchester that...
  16. B

    Can anyone recommend an independent MB specialist in the Cheshire area?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good MB independent/specialist in the Cheshire area? For tip top servicing? Last experience at the main dealer wasn't great... Thanks!
  17. DSB SL AMG

    Tatton Park, cheshire, Car show, Sat-Sun

    Hi All, Tatton park classic car show this Sat / Sun, going on Saturday SL on MB Club stand, be great to meet up! Cheshire Auto Promotions :: Classic Car Shows Cheers, DSB.
  18. flango

    GTG - The Dog - Over Peover - Knutsford - Cheshire

    OK all as I have to go over and see Ringway next week we thought we would open it up to all and go for a short notice GTG Day: Tuesday Date: 13th August Time: 18:30-19:00 Place: The Dog pub, Over Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire. Hope to see you there, names below please. 1. Ringway 2. Flanaia1
  19. DSB SL AMG

    Classic Car show Cheshire tomorrow (Sunday 26th May)

    Hi all, Classic car show tomorrow in below. Andrew Greenwood's Classicshows MB owners club are there for looks good all day Cheers DSB.
  20. The Boss

    Anyone travelling Stockport (Cheshire) --> London soon

    hi need a some logisitical help anyone travelling from Stockport, Cheshire to London, and can collect some car parts (floor carpet) from Stockport on route and bring it down to London.. - Ideally NW London (Middlesex) I am happy to buy you lunch or dinner / drinks as a thankyou or cash if you...
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