1. gaz_l

    Anybody know Chester?

    As thread title, have booked a long-ish weekend away (Sat-Mon) in Chester in a few weeks' time, anybody have recommendations for things to do/decent restaurants, etc? Staying in the city centre and looking to walk everywhere. Cheers, Gaz
  2. B

    Life must be good at Inchcape Mercedes Chester

    Well, when you want to place an order for a £40k car you may think that a promise of a phone all back in 20 mins ( this was 2 days ago) wouldn't be too much. I think it's been mentioned before but I don't think I have come across a more disinterested franchise. I'm not expecting anything...
  3. C

    New member in Chester

    Just thought id say hi, im from chester and work in my dads bodyshop, Ive got a 2000 W202 C230 sport kompressor and just repainted it in a total one off pearl flip paint (goes from black to blue to green then a tint of red metallic). If anyone is interested in seeing it then let me know how to...
  4. Igurisu

    Chester for Easter weekend - recomend some good pubs?

    As title, the good lady and I are spending the weekend in Chester. We will be visiting the food and drink festival at the racecourse during the day, then going to Oulton Park for F3 racing on Monday. Its a few years since we were last there, just wondering if anybody can recomend any...
  5. A

    Wife has another ticket is it a proper one?? (Chester Bache station)

    Hello Just had wife on the phone... She has parked in the Train station carpark (Bache, Chester if anyone knows) and got the train to Liverpool. Come back and has ticket issued by 'Euro car parks' £30 or £50 if not paid in two weeks... Now if anyone knows Where this parking is its part...
  6. A

    Some interesting cars in Chester this weekend

    Walked into Chester an some interesting cars were being displayed, missedmost as didn't know it was on :( Taken off phone so not great. ^ check the driver... ^ inside the mini Then on my drive...

    Favour in Chester please!

    There is a thread going in the 'Spotted on Ebay' section about this car: 1993 MERCEDES-BENZ CE CLASS 320 CE Cabriolet Auto [4] Coupe I am pretty interested in it, but its almost 200miles from where I am! If anyone is in the Chester area and has spare time to go check out the car, let me...
  8. Mattyo

    New Member says hello!

    Hi Everyone, Myself and my brother Dave have met a good few members of this forum now at MD Motorcare, all of them really nice people, thought it was about time we introduced ourselves! Look forward to chatting! :) Mattyo
  9. M

    MB MOTORS - Deeside Industrial Estate, Sealand (Chester)

    Hi Folks, Anyone any experiance of these guys??? I've been there a couple of times for parts for my 311CDI Sprinter and they just sent me direct to Mercedes Road Range (as opposed to chargning me extra for the parts). Both times they had a tasty selction of Mercs including a Brabus and AMG...
  10. M

    Advise in the chester area

    Hi, I have recently moved into the Chester area and I will soon need my E220cdi servicing. I know there is a main dealer there but can any one tell me what the service / pricing is like. I used to use Draytons in the west mids and were happy with their service. Alternatively is there...
  11. A

    New E-class estate in Chester

    Hello My dad had his W211 booked in for a service in Chester and they have the new E class estate there. Not sure if this is common now at other dealers? Its in the same blue as the promotional you tube video. A E250Cdi (single pipe)
  12. J

    My surprise at MB Chester

    Driving back from visiting family between Xmas and New Year,I noticed that in slow moving queues on M6, my steering wheel kept moving of its own accord in "small grabs" and the car veered markedly to the left. I was due to drive back to Spain tomorrow( now cancelled due to weather between Wirral...
  13. A

    Specialist in Chester area?

    Hello, By car is coming up for a service and not sure where to take it. There is a Specialist near me in Queensferry but I once went there and it didn't inspire confidence? but if others have used it please let me know. Also There was a company in warrington that did come on here a while...
  14. DR1VER

    New Meet? Looking for ideas. Wirral, Chester, liverpool

    Hi Guys I'm on the Wirral and would like to start a monthly meet for local merc owners. I'm thinking a week night at 7.30 e.g 1st wednesday of the month. Anyone got any ideas for a location. Also let me know if you are local to me and could help me put some ideas together. Thanks Richard
  15. R

    A good Indy nerr Chester or Wrexham?

    Anybody Know of one?
  16. Flyer

    Chester Explosions

    Just been out to head to Cheshire Oaks (retail park) but couldn't get on the M56 due to it being at a standstill. Would appear from Sky News that there has been four controlled explosions at Chester Services and the M56 has been closed at that junction :eek: The Sunday Times ran a report at...
  17. F

    Chester Ind Merc specialist

    anyone know independant Merc specialist near Chester ?
  18. G

    Independant in Chester or North Wales?

    I'm really posting this for my parents, who own a 1999 E240 Estate - but I can't quite see them getting into internet forums, even if I pointed them here! At around 30,000 miles, the E240 just failed its MOT, due to a cracked or leaking steering rack - as far as I can tell from talking to...
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