1. noy91

    Blue with chestnut S55

    Mercedes S55 AMG Saloon 2001 VGC For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C569192] Interesting choices. While I really like the chestnut wood in the CL I'm not sure it works so well in the S with the horizontal stripe of it.
  2. D

    That Ol' Chestnut... 722.6 In Limp Mode

    Hey guys I got a 2001 E320. Lovely Lovely motor as you all know. But... I got that ol' "it will only drive in D and the kick-down don't work.." problem. Although well documented, I wish for some opinions on MY situation. Now... I have the shifter with the +/- nudge side to side to...
  3. J

    Old chestnut: m119.960 engine into w126 chassis

    I have a 1986 500 SEC which of course has a M117.965 engine. I would like to transplant the later 32-valve m119 engine into the car. I have two reasons: first, despite very extensive works, my engine has never run particularly satisfactorily and, second, I want significantly more power. I...
  4. Sp!ke

    The old 'Which fuel?' chestnut

    Found this on another forum which makes for interesting reading. Super unleaded is a fine fuel, but only if purchased from reputable dealers. Esso SUPER, like BP are about the best you can buy. Supermarket stuff is just 4 star without the valve addictive, which itself is just 95 unleaded...
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