1. D

    '57 Chevy

    Very new Ford Explorer, not so new Belair. My transport while in Florida.
  2. D

    Chevy captiva

    An upgrade from an insignia, me I'm not so convinced. Slow ungainly and notchy gearbox. Paint and interior quality naff Redeeming features? It has bluetooth.
  3. KillerHERTZ

    The Chevy Volt Dance

    Oh dear... xvwTMZNWGuk&
  4. I

    chevy mercedes?

    What do people make of this then:crazy: A bit different me thinks
  5. andy_cyp

    CLK with chevy engine ???

    I dont believe it
  6. janner

    Chevy Blazer W124

    The illegitimate offspring thereof.. Very, very bad! :crazy:
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