1. lisa110rry

    Daimler Chief Removed after Racist Rant in China

    Daimler chief removed after 'racist rant' in China - BBC News Just a sideways move though...
  2. The _Don

    Let migrants into UK to take jobs Britons won't do, says Domino's chief
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes-Benz US Chief Fired Over Expenses Abuses

    Mercedes-Benz US Chief Fired Over Expenses Abuses Mercedes-Benz has fired its head of U.S. operations, Ernst Lieb, over allegations of financial irregularities. Reports have emerged in several publications alleging that the well-liked Lieb was relieved of his duties due to expense...
  4. corned

    SBC fault - gearbox module is chief suspect

    Hello all. As posted recently, my 211 has developed what sounds like the common 211 SBC problem of its failure to engage due to the gear selector module not knowing what bloody gear it is in. This despite the cluster knowing full well what gear the gearbox is in. :rolleyes: So the big...
  5. DSLiverpool

    Mersey police, skid pan, horses, dogs and the Chief Constable

    Even though I wanted to stay in my pit due to a chest infection I had a longstanding day booked with Merseyside Police to have a mini tour. We went to the skid pan first one of only a few police pans in the country. They teach coppers there and we went out in a BM 3 with switchable ABS. the...
  6. R

    GMP chief dead?????

    police chief dead. Any news on what is going on?Very sad and top copper as well.
  7. BenzComander

    Mercedes Design chief speaks!

    Short interview!!:D
  8. PJH

    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    BBC News item And was he banned ? ......NO In a statement he said: "On the day in question, the driving and road conditions were good, and I was part of a group of around 15 cars all doing around the same speed. I must remember that one myself !
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